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At church today, someone asked me what I did this weekend and I replied, “Nothing. It was wonderful.”
Then I started thinking about what my “nothing” looked like, and I thought I’d share ever so randomly, so I can get back to doing nothing. Yes, I’m in a silly mood.
5 minute bread artisan style
Hot, fresh, delicious carbs whispered my name before I ever got out of bread bed, so I whipped up a new recipe – Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day. Trust me, for those of you who are still afraid to try my ever so easy, homemade French Bread recipe, this one is for you – no kneading involved. (Yes, recipe to come.)
cleaning out cabinetSince the girls woke to the fresh bread already made, my daughter was disappointed she didn’t get to help, and requested homemade brownies, but she wanted to make them…by herself. This new recipe called for unsweetened chocolate squares, which I knew I had, but it required digging in the baking cabinet, which is never good.

That led to cleaning out shelves, reorganizing spices and discarding out of date items. My daughter complained, “But, Mom,  I just want to make brownies, not clean.”
clean out cabinetsEventually, dreams do come true. (Yes, recipe to follow.)
Fudgy Brownies from Good Housekeeping
I checked my standing for the Hillshire Farm Most Wanted Sandwich Competition and realized I need to pace myself.  There are so many more weeks of voting to make our Compassion International trip dream come true.

hillshire farm sandwiches 300x225 Hillshire Farm Most Wanted Sandwich + $2 off Coupon

Somewhere during the day ( the time line may not be 100% accurate, it’s a blur), I learned more about broken noses than I ever wanted to know. To save you from self diagnosis  – noses bleed a lot, black and blue shines through, and noses swell extremely easily, but…alas, the nose was not broken.

broken nose

Friday night, I cheered loudly for two of our sons during their basketball game. They lost by a point. It was a nail biter, for sure.

basketball( I didn’t have my camera with me, so this is an old pic.)

beware of credit
I  jotted down notes about the dangers of debt – all kinds of debt, and contemplated how the lack of wise financial stewardship destroys marriages, businesses, governments, and even friendships. I then pondered if there really is any kind of “good debt?” (Yep, enjoying my  “easy reading” types of thoughts.)
I then went to brush my teeth,  looked in my “personal items” drawer, got completely sidetrack by noticing my scrunchies for the first time in years, and was again drawn to clutter control. “Why in the world do I still have them in there?” Accessorizing is one thing, but these things went out in the 90’s and should have been thrown away years ago. So, I donated them to my favorite store…Goodwill, and then felt guilty because no Frugal Fashionista should be wearing them, even if they were cheap. 🙂
towels on the floor
Lest you think I didn’t lose my temper in there at least once, I would be glossing over the truth. How is it possible to train productive boys and yet towels stay on the floor so many days in a row? With three boys, taking three showers in a row, with three towels and three sets of clothes, you’d think by now they would get the idea.
But don’t worry, a Clutter Control blog series is on the docket, and I solved the answer to this hideous problem. 😉
reading by fireSo now, I type for just a few minutes to tell you about my weekend in which I did nothing.  And I turn off my computer to this…pure relaxation, if only for a few minutes.
As I read Karen Kinsgbury by our roaring fire, I tell the children I love them, but to help themselves to the fridge if they’re hungry.
Join me and share about your “Nothing” weekend. What did you do? Honestly, I wish I could have a few more of those right now.