Making homemade bread seems like a daunting task, but this detailed video of me going on and on will show you how you can literally make homemade French bread with only ten minutes of your time (plus, the extra time for the rising and baking process.) My options are noted in bold italics. I’m sorry I didn’t have editing help, so I literally videoed every single step in real time so it shows you all the “work” involved, which isn’t much.

(Long before there were food videos on FB, I shot this video with my ten year old son as the videographer. haha It really does take you through the whole process.)

I know many of you have desired to make bread from scratch, but have been afraid of the unknown. Hopefully, this will take away that fear. Feel free to ask any questions in the comments and I will answer them.
I know you can do it….trust me, you’ll be SO glad you did and your family will arise and call you blessed.
Then you can move onto my Quick Batter Yeast Rolls. Another incredibly easy homemade bread roll recipe that you’ll love.

(On the video, I mentioned doing a “forced rise.” I have done this for years by placing my bread in a slightly warmed oven or even putting it on a burner turned way down. This cuts the rising time in half.)