exercise cartoon 30 Day Shred – Finished Day 1 (Chime in)
The first day out of our thirty day healthy living challenge is over, can I hear an “Amen,” but yes, the thought of 29 more (or better yet, a lifetime of new habits) is challenging. How did you do? If you are still trying to figure out your goal, no worries. We’ll wait for you. This is all about encouraging each other on this road and holding each other accountable. (Make sure you follow along on my facebook page, where most of this accountability will take place.)
I must admit that there must be a little bit of muscle memory left in my body from the last time I did the 30 Day Shred because even though there were moments I just wanted to stop, and the fact that I have to do the girlie knee push-ups, I managed through much better than last year’s month of exercise.  If this is your very first time with the 30 day shred, scroll down and read my posts from day 1 , day 2 etc. It will show you just how very sore I was.
Now, I admit. My legs are still a bit  like jello going up and down the stairs, but I am excited to do this, ladies. Let’s keep telling ourselves that because I know it’s going to get hard. I am already down six pounds from my 7 day detox diet (I’ll probably gain 1-2 of water weight back), but I hope to continue on eating healthy during this month, as well as drink lots of water. My cravings for carbs is nearly gone, and I want to improve on that.
I also just took a picture in my sports bra and shorts. It was quite mortifying. It’s amazing how I know how to dress to cover it…really. I re-read last year’s post and I felt these tips were helpful, so I am going to post them again.

A few tips from my first day.

  1. Wear good shoes. There’s going to be impact and even because I was working on the carpet I thought I would be fine with bare feet. NO! Make sure you wear some solid support.
  2. Keep water and a towel (for sweat) close by. Keep those fluids going. One of my goals this month is to drink one gallon of water a day. I know drinking water is KEY, yet I never quite get there. I am going to keep a cold pitcher in the fridge and make sure I drink it by the end of the day.
  3. For hand weights, I used two jars of salsa. Just go with what you have. They were only 2 pounds a piece, and I will be working my way up with the amount of weights that I use, but I know I can’t conquer the 5 lb weights we own. Check out Play it Again Sports for second hand weights, if you’d like to invest in some.
  4. Take pictures and measurements. (UGH, I know) I actually had my boys LAUGHING out loud at my muffin top. You can bet I am not posting those pics until after I lose it, but you really do want to be able to measure the difference. For me, it’s not so much about weight loss as it is feeling better and losing the flab that I have gained. Print off my fitness calendar just for this month.
  5. Just say “NO” to your inner self when it says to take a little rest. Just say “Yes” to the jello feeling legs that will barely get you up the stairs to the shower, knowing that the pain and soreness just gets you one step closer to our goal.

Ok, ladies – here is our time to hold each other accountable. Chime in below with a comment. (For those of you new to leaving comments scroll right below and click where it says comments. You do not have to put in your full name or a website. The email is only visible by me.)