It’s important for me to feel and see the results of my hard work when I diet or exercise. I created a very simple printable fitness calendar and exercise chart which we can print off and fill out each day. If you are focusing on food intake or calories, challenge yourself to write down what you are eating. It’s very eye opening to begin tracking the little bites here and there. Yes, they add up. Ask me…they have added up to 20 pounds in 2 1/2 years.
If you are focusing on exercise, write down your exercise regime. For me, I am taking measurements of key areas, and keeping track of my weight loss.  I am not going to get overly concerned about it, but I do want to see the progress. If you have created a more detailed diet, fitness or exercise log, please share with me and I will put it up on this site. I may try and tackle a more detailed weekly chart.
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