weight scale 300x199 The Weight Loss Roller Coaster
Last September, I shared openly my struggles with my Weight Loss Roller Coaster. What came from that post was a month long time of accountability here on my blog, as women tackled some personal aspect of fitness, diet or exercise.
Ten months ago, I used the words, “Enough is enough,” and much to my chagrin, I have gained nearly an additional ten pounds since then. If any of you struggle with food, or lack of discipline in the work-out department, you can understand the frustration of those slowly creeping pounds.  That month of doing thirty straight days of exercise was extremely successful. The first few days were SO incredibly difficult, but by the end, I felt great, had more energy, curbed my appetite, toned and could do push ups with the best of them. Then, once I finished, I stopped, as in, stopped exercising completely. I don’t think that is what they had in mind about starting a new habit.
I have moaned and given excuses until I am blue in the face. My family must be tired of hearing me complain, and yet I do nothing about it. So this past Monday, I began a 7 day regimented Detox Diet. Day 1 was only fruits (no bananas),  Day2 was strictly vegetables, now I am on Day 3 – a mixture of veggies and fruit, and yes, this is hard. I will be adding in proteins on day 5 and 6, but the bottom line was I needed something to break my carb addiction and this diet does that and cleans out my system at the same time. I know many of you will want to have details and I will share them once I am through. I don’t want to post anything until I have done it myself. Some will say that is not a balanced diet, but eating like this for one week clears out the system, and that is my goal. (I’m sure it’s better than heading to McDonald’s for fries.) 🙂
I posted on my Balancing Beauty and Bedlam Facebook Fan Page how I was frustrated with myself and many of you chimed in that you wanted to do the Shred again, so here we are with the point of this post: Accountability for the month of August. Join me, beginning August 1, for one month.
You may want to read some of my entries and comments under my Fitness category pertaining to the 30 Day Shred. Now that I know how tough the first few days are, I am seriously dreading it, but I am keeping the end goal in mind. Last time, I didn’t miss a day, this time, I will not be so legalistic. I am committing to doing it at least 5-6 times a week and hopefully, the first week, I will do a straight seven days, but again, stay at a level you feel comfortable.
Below is what I wrote last September, and my words have not changed since then.

Please know that where ever you are coming from, whether you have 100 pounds to lose, or just realize you need to get back to making healthier eating choices, we are in this together, and if we encourage one another along the way, we CAN do it!
Starting Monday, I am taking back the physical aspect of my life and beginning Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred. Twenty minutes a day of sheer torture, but if we do it together, I think I can manage. I can do anything for 20 minutes, can’t I?  Join our group as we hold each other accountable. I will be checking in here on the blog, but daily I will check in on my Balancing Beauty and Bedlam Facebook Fan Page, and we can all share how we are doing. Many of you are excited to join in. I know I need it.

So, are you in? Remember, it doesn’t have to be the 30 Day Shred. It may just be committing to drinking ten glasses of water a day or walking consistently. Just pick one area to focus on – it’s all in the little baby steps.