As you might know by now, I have a teeny tiny love affair with all things crescent rolls. There’s  nothing that can go wrong with those delightful creations and they are nearly impossible to mess up, even when making them completely from scratch.

While eating them plain and slathering them with butter makes me so very happy, I take them up a notch and add a little turkey, ham and cheese or stuff them with taco meat for either an appetizer or Taco Ring meal. 

Yes, those are the best of 10 Minute Dinners. (Check out that amazing site.)

A breakfast favorite of ours is my Cream Cheese Danish recipe for the sweet tooth or the Sausage Crescent roll recipe so yes, I’m a fan.

I love to make homemade crescent rolls and I pull out that recipe on special occasions, but often, the easy store bought brand is my go-to.

While making the Cream Cheese Danish recipe with Croissant Rolls is wonderfully easy since it’s done in a 9×13, sometimes it’s nice to have individual serving size portions, and that’s  where this recipe comes it.

Again, it’s incredibly versatile and you may use any kind of pie filling flavor that you enjoy most or even chocolate and nutella (yum!). I’m sharing the cream cheese version, as well as the fruit stuffed version.

You pick your favorite and I’ll pick mine, and they’ll we’ll celebrate together on my front porch.

So easy, right?

Check out some of my incredibly easy, but delicious, family friendly recipes here. Tested multiple times by all five kids.

If you need a great dinner idea with the same ease?

    Turkey, ham and cheese ring

Dessert? Cream Cheese Danish recipe