How is it possible to have three, tiny ingredients taste like you spent all day in the kitchen, and have a group of 30 women ask for the recipe?
Often, my desire is to bake from scratch, but too many times I am racing, and need something I can throw together in a hurry. This easy cream cheese danish recipe is your answer.
I have determined that there is absolutely nothing that can go wrong with a mixture of cream cheese and crescent rolls, yet when you add a little sugar into this mix, sheer mouth melting deliciousness occurs.
This is the sweet mixture, but if you are looking for a similar, yet savory dish, try my Sausage Crescent Roll Recipe, perfect for brunch.

Yes, another yummy and simple, holiday recipe for your “Go To” list. Please share and check back for more. If you are interested in having your featured, submit your recipe for consideration.

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