Do you remember my post about Brownies + Needing Chocolate = Chaos?

It was from a few years ago, but it’s a perfect tie into our  Clutter Countdown Challenge.

I know all of you foodie loving readers can understand the complexity of those side tracked moments when one simple brownie recipe led to the dis-organizational disaster that occurred in my baking/spices cabinet above.

Two great things ensued as a result of that morning. First, my No Food Waste Week began where creativity cultivated some great new concoctions, and secondly, I came up with a sure proof way to organize, inventory and store my spices.

As I decluttered and re-organized my baking and spice cabinet, it is embarrassing to admit the number of multiple seasonings I had lurking in corners. Yes, three garlic powders (good thing we love garlic), two Red Pepper Flakes (due to my new love of homemade Chinese), two Cumins…well, you get the idea, so this handy dandy Printable Pantry Spice Inventory Check List will be just the thing to help me (and you) stay on top of seasoning organization as well. 

One of the things I’ve come to understand with cooking more creatively, especially on a money saving food budget, is the need to understand how to cook with spices.

Spices can take the most boring of grains and staples to the next level, saving you money, but more importantly,  the taste buds.
A Great Free Printable to help organize your spices. Pantry Spice Inventory

Here’s just a sample of my detailed spice list.

I encourage you to print it off, and tape it to the inside of your cabinet door. You can tackle the big project of cleaning your spices all at once, or just do it shelf by shelf in your spare minutes.  Remember, it’s all about the baby steps of organization. Clean off one whole shelf, discard expired spices, sort the spices by how much you use them, check them off, and note what shelf they are returning to.

For instance, I have one shelf with my baking spices, another shelf with my most loved spices near the front, and my infrequently used spices near the back.

The reason this inventory check list is a life saver is that I now know exactly what I have, and the next time I decide to create with a new recipe I won’t “need” to buy additional spices that aren’t necessary.

The other thing I love about this check list is that there are many spices I don’t use on a regular basis, or have never even tried.

My goal is to start experimenting with a few new flavors over the next few months to try and “spice” up this boring palette of mine.

And while you are cleaning out that pantry, whip up some super easy homemade seasoning and rub mixes.

I’d love to hear how you store your spices.

Do you have a special way of organizing your spices and baking ingredients?

Join me in my  Clutter Countdown Challenge   – just 15 minutes a day as we get our homes in order.