Clutter Countdown - Clean out the SINK!!

Yes, it’s like it’s January ’09 all over again. Over five years ago, I was working on organizational steps and I still am in process.  Somethings in life are just going to be constant struggles. You’ll have your ups and downs in a certain area, but acknowledge it, and work towards your goal.  I thought I would let you revisit a past post because it has everything to do with decluttering in the kitchen.

Five years ago, I took a baby step towards starting the day with a clean sink. That means, it needs to be empty every night before bed. I made great strides towards this for years and for the most part, have kept this up. The wonderful thing about training your children early with chores is that you can delegate jobs to them and this one, for the most part,  has now been turned over to our 15 year old daughter and she does a fantastic job (most of the time.)

Now that your counters are clean, this needs to be your next habit change. It makes all the difference!!  You will be so thankful once this becomes an easy habit, plus enjoy the bedlam moment I almost forgot about. 🙂  Also, don’t miss the comments. It’s from to read everyone’s challenges.


Our family will be carving out time this week to reflect on 2008, and looking ahead to the intentional steps we need to take in 2009.  Steps that allow us to make a difference in the lives of those around us, and in order for that to happen, it starts with my hubby and me.

Admittedly,  I have some major remodeling that needs to take place. No, not the house kind of remodel (well, that too), but the heart kind. I spent the last two months doggy paddling this stream of life, in hopes that I wouldn’t go under.

And since I was a competitive swimmer for 14 years….that is NOT a good thing, and it sure wasn’t the lazy river I had hoped it to be..I need to share all that I am learning, but I want to start off with one of my basics.

Reclaiming my organizational life!

Every blog is talking about getting rid of the clutter for the New Year, but for some of us, that is going to take longer than others.

Ladies, it’s all about BABY STEPS!

We’re in this for the LONG HAUL, and one week of an extreme home makeover isn’t going to cut it. I need to realign my priorities in this area, and we can do it together.

15 minutes of every day consistency will change our organizational life.

Sometimes when the house gets overwhelming, it’s impossible to find a starting point. I love the Flylady’s idea of beginning with Shining the Kitchen Sink.

Commit to having a shining, empty kitchen sink each and every evening.

It sounds so basic and elementary, but the contagious atmosphere that permeates my morning when I wake up to this is …sheer joy!  I am not just talking about an empty sink. I mean a shining sink.

Come on…let’s do it…..right now! Five simple steps will make all the difference.

  1. Empty the sink
  2. Fill it with hot water and bleach it
  3. Soak it, Rinse it
  4. Scrub it…hard. Scrub every little corner and rim with Baking Soda. It gets everything off and is a miracle worker. (Did you read my 50 uses for Baking Soda? Trust me. I love it.)
  5. Then, get the Windex out and shine away.

Can you see my reflection?

Then dry the sink out. Seriously, it makes the difference.
Now, if you’re really Type A, you can even polish it, but I will never be Type A, so I stopped, and was so happy.

If your sink already looks this way every day, then just pick one other area in your kitchen with which you will commit. The junk draw or counter? Your island?
Don’t laugh at us if you’re blessed with the gift of “everything has its place.”

We want to learn from you.

Remember, it’s just baby steps for you non-organized friends of mine.

And of course, there has to be some bedlam in this beauty of mine.

I want you to note the blue rubber band.

It’s a continuous reminder to to savor the little things,
and know that the days may be long, but the years are short!

You see, that rubber band was situated one early, cold morning, like this.
And when I had not even partaken of my coffee yet, it did THIS!!
All over me!

Yes, my boys got me good. The first time I laughed and acknowledged the humor.
The second time, I got ticked. I was not in a good mood to begin with, and after wards I had to apologize.
Because this mom wants to be remembered for living LIFE to its fullest, and not letting the little things get me down.
(Hello – Jen, it was just water, for goodness sake.)
But…I don’t think they’ll be doing that again anytime soon. 🙂
So go forth and shine the sink right now, my friends, and share with me your baby step for the day.
I will be updating mine as I go.(And yes, I have already started getting up earlier, exercising…ha – serious comedy routine, and have taken 6 bags of clothes to Goodwill).