outdoor tablescape

Recently, I’ve shared about my Harried Hospitality and our Spontaneous Family Reunion. I was convicted and inspired about why we open our home. It’s not about the house, or the food, but about the connections being made.
With that being said, there’s still something awfully special about taking time to slow down and lavish a little something extra special for a friend or family member.  It really doesn’t need to take much extra time, nor money. In fact, this option allows you the freedom to relinquish any worry about the state of your de-cluttering project.
Awhile ago, I  challenged you to find your spontaneous place; To take one hour away from the daily grind to create some memories.
We love taking instant outdoor picnics, and they are chiseled in the for-front of our family time.

brunch outdoors

Well, consider combining that spontaneity, with reminding your friends just how special they are? A simple, outdoor picnic brunch is your answer.
It doesn’t take much work.  In fact, this friend ordered chicken croissants from a local deli and brought a store baked cake, and it was just perfect.
If you have the time to make something homemade, from a frugal standpoint, that’s even better, but again, it’s what works for you.We need to get from the “oh, that’s such a good idea, but I’d never do it,” to the actual “doing it” part. Make Nike proud and “Just do it.” If that means buying the food, then certainly pop by the store and purchase it!

tablescape outdoors

From home, she brought a cloth tablecloth (a definite for that extra special touch), wine glasses, ice bucket to chill the beverages, and a crystal vase with simply elegant flowers that polished off the table for a simply elegant summer tablescape.

lunch in the park

This is such a beautiful example of how just a bit of intentionality, and the desire to take the extra step in creating special memories makes such an impact…simple, yet powerful hospitality, and you don’t even have to push a vacuum.