With the ins and outs of the daily grind, do you ever set aside time to be spontaneous?

Seriously, as much as I am passionate about living life to its fullest, getting older has its drawbacks. I’ve lost some of that spontaneous spirit that I used to thrive on, and I want it back.
So with only frozen pizza on the menu, I realized that tonight we would make a mundane moment magical.

Just changing scenery for meal time can make that memory happen, and it did.
Without spending an extra dime or anguishing over any preplanned details, I slipped the pizzas out of the oven, threw them on some trays, grabbed just paper plates, lemonade, chips and loaded up various children. 🙂
I really didn’t “have the time” to be spontaneous tonight, but I realize in the long run, I don’t have the time NOT to be.
I often forget that we have our own little treasure tucked away in the middle of our country living just 1/2 mile down the road.
Just because we don’t have a boat, jet ski or house on the lake, doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy it’s therapeutic effects.

Total Extra Cost? Nothing but a tiny bit of gasoline.
Total time? One hour
Spontaneous Memory Making? Forever…

You may not have a lake hidden down the road, but what spontaneous destination awaits you?

Share some of your brainstorming in the comments and see what one hour may open up in your family life this week or month.

A friend of mine shared a favorite memory. Her dad would pack them in the car with a picnic or snacks, hop on the highway and drive for just one exit. Then they’d find a fun place on the side of the road to picnic. Always someplace new, different and packed with memory making moments.

I love that…simple, intentional and fun.

It may be to just hop in your car for ten minutes and have your children (or spouse) direct you. Let them navigate your spontaneity and tell you left, right, go forward, back up and see where you end up.
I can’t wait to hear the result. 🙂