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It’s been one bedlam moment after another as we have attempted to get all our Christmas decorating finished, but I’ve been enjoying the process, the laughs, and as my 12 year old daughter declared, “Quite the Christmas attempt.”
Last year, I picked up boxes and boxes of ornaments when they were slashed to 90% off at Walmart. Ten days after Christmas, I happened to walk in the very day that they dropped the prices, so I decided to stock up.
Yes, the variety of colors made decorating more interesting, but it sure was fun to try and find the perfect spot for these $0.50 worth of Purple ornaments. Filling my yard sale cloches with them was their exact calling.

More 90% off ornaments. I’m typically a silver kind of gal, but for $0.50, gold worked well. Filled to the top of this $2 yard sale bowl, I love the contrast.
shutters on mantle The Bedlam & Reality Behind a Christmas Mantle
My bedlam began with my frugal mantel fiasco as I began spray painting a mirror after midnight. Yes, the story is quite involved, but the silver mirror was supposed to go on those shutters with the wreath I so desired, but it still just leans, and I think it’s awfully comfy,  if I don’t say so myself.

There’s just something so cozy about real life decorating, bedlam and all. Laundry, white lights, empty bowls and messes from crafts – it’s what we are all about.

It’s fun to make a simple corner cabinet come to life by just adding a few Christmas elements. Colorful ornaments, a crisp napkin used for detail, candy canes and some live greenery stuck in a yard sale pot makes this thrifted, white corner cabinet cozy and festive.

And in the midst of the chaos, often I need to slow down and focus on my Lord. I choose to put reminders of that in my decorating, since this season is all about Him.

Typically, we put up two large trees – my fancy tree with white lights and ornate ornaments,  and then the kids have their own tree that they can decorate however they desire. We’ve been quite behind in our decorating this year, so I gave them a corner to do what they wanted. They did a fabulous job with their Christmas kid corner.
Last year, my friend inspired us to make some simple paper crafts that give a High Impact Look for virtually free.

We’ve once again enjoyed our annual tradition of making some kind of Gingerbread House decoration. Part of the tradition? Buying it on Dec. 26th for 50% off and storing it until the following year. 🙂

We had a bit of a Christmas tree fiasco as well. We went to SEVEN stores to replace two white light strings that burned out, and every store in my greater metropolitan area was sold out of them.
YES…ALL of them. So I went with what I had, and tried to use the outside icicle lights white NET lights. You know the ones you throw on the bushes? Yep, they are now on our tree because I am completely classy like that. (No one will know except the one guest who sits in our corner chair.)

I hope you have such a blessed time during the next few weeks never forgetting the focus of Christmas – Dirty laundry, unwashed dishes and all – embrace the miracle of the season.
Part One of my Christmas Tour is finished…..stay tuned for Part TWO! I never even got to our tables and tablescapes. 🙂
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