There’s something about beautiful fabrics that can lighten a mood. They set the tone for a room, a table,  a wall, and even me.
For  Christmas of my sweet 16,  my mom sewed me a cute apron for my hope chest. I remember appreciating the gift,  but wearing an apron, really?  Isn’t that kind of old fashioned?
I have fond memories of my mom periodically wearing pretty aprons when I was a child, but it wasn’t until very recently that my love for aprons has been ignited. It’s the best balance of not just enjoying beautiful fabrics in your home decor, but actually getting to wear them.
In some unique ways, the styles, trends, memories and even mysteries behind various aprons peak my curiosity. As I’ve been thrifting, I’ve run across delicately embroidered vintage style aprons that create a sense of wonder as to the stories they hold. I think of the time spent with each stitch and reminisce about that woman’s life story at the time. What was she thinking as she painstakingly spent hours creating this? What were her dreams for her family?

Until a few months ago, my aprons were just stuck in my hutch, where no one was enjoying them.  I decided to enjoy my collection and display them in the hall between my kitchen and recently painted laundry room. I had two black, wrought iron hooks that I had purchased for only $0.50 waiting patiently for just the right project. This was it. I spray painted them with some $1 Walmart spray paint, and then wiped away some of the paint to give them that aged look.
I wish I would have thought of this option sooner because not only do I actually enjoy my collection now as a work of art, but I am wearing my aprons more often. I rotate them in and out, since I have a few more stored in the hutch, and now I am beginning a new tradition with my girls, as they are quick to grab an apron when we cook.
There are so many adorable aprons, both vintage and new. Oddly enough, wearing these pretty aprons encourages me in my role as a Family Manager. Not in a unrealistic “June Cleaver” sort of way, but with a new sense of purpose.
I love to wear them when I bake, and it warms my heart to know that when my girls think of us together in the kitchen, there will be tangeable memories tied to different aprons. Hopefully, stories will be created while we wear these, and it will bring great joy to think of these aprons being handed down from generation to generation.
I envision my daughters pulling out a particular apron and reminiscing about that “time when we melted plastic on our casserole,” or ” that bedlam moment when mom forgot to add eggs,” or even our amazing Easter brunches with our Strawberry Cheesecake Trifle.  My desire is that these won’t just be wall decorations, but a living example of shared family meal times, and bonding that occurs in the kitchen.
A reminder of a legacy that wasn’t just about food for the stomach, but food for the soul.
And yes, that reminder can have a sense of frugal fashion with this fun $2 thrift store find, or….
 width=it can be a bit more about reality. Since when I wear my aprons, its often done  over my PJ’s. (But even an apron over PJ’s can be cute. ;))

There are even whole site devoted to love of aprons. When I first met Deanna, The Apronista, she helped stir my collection of aprons, as she has found such a love for all things aprons.
Do you have any aprons tucked away?  Are there stories behind them?
When my mom came over last week and saw my new apron hooks, she casually mentioned, “Oh, I have some you may have, from my grandmother?” WHAT? Ah – yes, I’d LOVE them. Talk about a generational apron. I can’t wait to hear the stories of my great grandma in the kitchen.
Break the old fashioned stereo type, pull them out, and start enjoying them.
If you’d like to start your collection, today is a fabulous day to do so. Flirty Aprons is having a site wide sale on their Women’s Aprons. I love having matching aprons for my daughters and me, and what great Mother’s Day gifts these would make.

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