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Welcome to Tasty Tuesday’s Parade of Foods – Bedlam Kitchen Moments.

We’ve all had them, haven’t we?

Think back to that moment in the kitchen where chaos reigned supreme and that recipe creation you were working on either flopped, failed or became the new dictionary definition of fiasco.

My taco casserole catastrophe was understandable because I was a newlywed and hadn’t quite reached my Domestic Diva status yet, but trust me, those bedlam kitchen moments still happen even when one assumes they’ve reached the pinnacle of culinary artistry.

So, I’m coming clean with my latest domestic debacle. During triple coupons, I stocked up on some “nearly free” Bisquick mixes. In a rush one morning, I decided to stray from my typical homemade pancakes and take the shortest route with their premium “just add water and egg” recipe.

Considering Bisquick has been around for ages and they’ve made aΒ  fool proof recipe that even a child could master, I was greatly disturbed when my pancakes continued to stick to the griddle. Not only that, but they wouldn’t keep their shape and the whole process was quite unappetizing.

Eyeing these wonders, the kids stared leerily at the breakfast they were expected to consume.

I assured them, “I have no idea what is wrong. It must be a bad box of Bisquick because how in the world can these be messed up? I totally followed the directions. Don’t worry, with some butter and syrup, I’m sure they’ll be fine.” (Remember, I always triple and quadruple my recipes – Bisquick or no Bisquick, so I was NOT about to throw 40 pancakes away just because Bisquick doesn’t know their pancakes….no sirree.)

Well, my family dug in and my husband, Mr. “I’ll Eat Anything I Put in Front of Him and Never Complain”, looks up at me and inquires, “Did you forget the eggs?”

I just started laughing uncontrollably because Why yes, I did. I messed up pancake mix where all you do is add water and eggs, and I blamed it all on the “bad box of Bisquick.”

Dear Mr. Founder of Bisquick,

My sincerest apologies that I would tarnish your reputation in front of my impressioanble children. I am not too shallow of a woman to admit I was wrong.

Seeing my reaction, my hubby quickly added, “Good, because it pretty much just tastes like you added water to ground up chalk…mmmm…good.” πŸ™‚

nasty pancakes

Now, the best part of that recent bedlam kitchen moment is that my family ROCKS and they continued to eat….and we laughed the whole time. I admit though, it’s the first time EVER, we’ve thrown pancakes away (well, truthfully, our chickens didn’t mind the chalky pancakes.) πŸ™‚

Now, I’ve admitted my recent kitchen catastrophe, how about you?

(Just don’t ask me what happened last week to the amazing Pork Tenderloin that I spent hours preparing for a special dinner. Just a hint…don’t be lazy and tap your Sam’s Club size container of cornstarch directly to the juices surrounding the pork tenderloin, thereby attempting to lessen the washing process of an additional dish from gravy. Because when you attempt to “tap” one tablespoon and make perfect gravy, ahh…twenty tablespoons accidentally unloading onto the tenderloin makes for just a tad stickier consistency than you’d desire.

Think glue. Think sludge. Think…I just can’t talk about it any more because it’s still a bit painful. πŸ™‚

But once again, when I assured my family they could just scrape the sludge off the meat because truly there was something delicious hiding under the “coating,” they went with me on it. Yes, they did. Gotta love those gamers.

So share with me. I have a crazy tiring week ahead of me and I know we could all use some GREAT chuckles before we start browsing our Tasty Tuesday recipes.

What’s one of your crazy kitchen moments?

So join me in the comments. I shared TWO and they both happened recently. Yes, I’ve shredded any Domestic Diva impression you had of me, but it’s much more fun this way, don’t you think? πŸ™‚

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