It’s been quite the week in our home. Last Tuesday, I shared about my desire to go back to a simpler life by sharing some of the things I want  to learn to do this summer – life skills that take me back to a simpler time of life. Then our lives got shaken by a terrifying instant, one of those days that puts everything back into perspective, and I realize just how incredibly grateful I am for technology, and how it impacts all aspects of our lives, yes, even a search for a missing children.

And now that brings me full circle to my Tasty Tuesday post, and technology, and how we get so used to what we determine as an everyday necessity, that when we lose it,  it plays havoc in our lives.  I have been without internet in our home for the last 24 hours, so for bloggers like myself, that tend to write moments before I post, this places ourselves in quite the predicament. This morning I drove in search of internet to get my Tasty Tuesday post up, and reply to many emails that have been patiently waiting, and I realize that even though last week I honestly shared I want to live in a simpler time, I don’t know if I would truly choose to give up the things that make our lives so much easier.

We surely are a blessed land to even have that option, aren’t we? So while I want to learn to can, and be more self sufficient, I sure am grateful for all the little things in our lives that make our day to day so much easier – especially those appliances which enable me to cook those quick and easy Ten Minute Dinners.

So since I have been short on time this week, but not short on yummy tasting food options, I thought I would hone your guessing skills to see if you can guess my Fast Five Meals this week with more recipes coming soon.

P.S. With the launch of my Ten Minute Dinners site in the next few months, I will be looking for guest recipe posts and submissions. The only requirement is that the food prep needs to have taken you ten minutes or less, and that you have at least one good picture of it. I don’t need any crock pot recipes, but am open to other more unique ideas. You may submit your recipe through my link at the top.

So, ready, set, go….my quick meal ideas this week, and don’t forget to give great thanks for our amazing appliances that make this a  painless process.





#6 Last Night’s Meal 🙂

#1. A yummy Chicken Salad Cucumber Sandwiches

#2 A new take on my Crockpot BBQ Chicken with a twist to make it more like a  Buffalo Chicken sandwich.

#3. I was trying to expand our palette with this quick  Indian Curry Sauce that we served and mixed with chicken and rice.

#4. Nothing like doubling up on a batch of meatballs and saving the extras for meatball sandwiches.

#5. Breakfast for dinner – one of our favorites.

#6 Last night, I made SEVEN pounds of chicken for our family’s most favorite Simple Sesame Chicken. I bagged some up for an extra meal. Yes, that process of cooking up all the chicken did take more than ten minutes, but now that I have additional prepared, future dinners will be super fast.

Thank you for your patience with my late Tasty Tuesday post.

I can’t wait to see your recipe inspiration this week.