It’s summer time, and with that comes the necessity to be a bit more creative with your cooking for the kids.  Just because the kids are home all day doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun by tweaking typical recipes and making them fun kid foods.
We decided to be creative today with our lunch and I thought I would share our inspiration.
My daughter was so proud of herself as I let her have full reign with her hotdog creation. By the second plate, we added in a few goldfish to swim in the “sea.”

I have some Pampered Chef Bread pans that are in the shape of hearts, stars, circles etc.  When I make homemade french bread, I use these to shape some fun loaves. You can also use the store bought dough to put in the pans. It’s a really fun option for sandwiches, as well as using cookie cutters to cut your bread, cheese and sandwich meats into unique shapes.
Our favorite Smiley Face Pancakes always makes the kids smile. Again, it only takes 30 extra seconds to make their meal memorable.

smiley face pancakes One Minute Smiley Face Pancakes
I’m trying to have fresh veggies easily accessible. When I have vegetables already washed, peeled and cut in containers, it’s so easy to have healthy snacks on hand without a hassle. Fresh cut broccoli and ranch get gobbled immediately. In fact, any raw veggies with ranch are a hit.
Remember “Ants on a log?” Again, a fun way to incorporate fun kid foods without bringing out the junk. I love fresh cut apples, but have you had them with peanut butter lately? Yum!
As I continue to get creative with fun, kids foods, I’ll definitely share, but I’d love to hear if you are doing anything new and different with your kids in the kitchen this summer.
We can inspire each other.
Are you doing anything unique in the kids food department?