Trying to find easy, yet simple ways to dress up my pony tail has become my hair mission. Since every time I get my hair cut, I sit in the stylist chair and remind them I am really flexible, AS LONG as I can pull it back. Yes, I know that’s the kiss of death to any creative hairdresser, but for me and my busy schedule, it’s crucial.

My niece sent another fun and fairly simple style that will work really well for those with longer bangs. The great thing is that this style can take you from a easy daytime look to night time glamor in minutes.

Look one-
Step One:
Start with a regular pony tail. Determine your side part and section out a large chunk of hair. Secure everything else in a smooth tight ponytail. Working with a good hairspray will also provide good grip and shine.

Step Two:
Pull the side section that you left out of your traditional pony tail towards the back, wrap under and around your ponytail so that you don’t see the elastic. Secure the tail of your hair and pin with a bobby pin (under the pony) so you have a seamless look.

Optional Dressy Look

Using the pony tail from Look One, add a dressy barret towards the nape of your neck for a evening glam look.

Now, I don’t often have too many places to wear a fancy look like this, but a girl can dream, right?

Honestly, at least once or twice a year, I have a Red Carpet event to attend, and this Frugal Fashionista is always looking for a hairstyle to take the look to the next level.