Local children run alongside Kevin Lin, Ray Zahab, and Charlie Engle (left to right) as they pass a small Mauritanian village

Mauritanian desert

Photograph by Don Holtz

111 Days
Six Countries
4,600 miles
Three men that are absolutely crazy…

ok, so maybe that’s not how this movie would really be introduced, but I am just saying…insanity!!
I think that the documentary says something close to “life-changing, unbelievable…successful” and many other amazing adjectives to describe what these three actually accomplished, but all I can say is “out of their mind.”
(If you have no idea what I am talking about, scroll down and read my last post.)
An oasis in Mauritania 

A camera is mounted on a Toyota Land Cruiser using a Russian Arm rig to film the runners

Think of what they accomplished….
these extreme ultra-marathoners ( their title, not mine) averaged 44 miles a day running in temps up to 140 degrees ground temperature. In laymen terms – try running 2 marathons a day…straight… for 111 days without taking even a ONE day break. And I can barely make it up my third flight of stairs without getting winded.
So, now do you have a resounding agreement of my earlier assessment?

This documentary will be coming out in theaters on October 31. It really is an amazing adventure into the inner dynamics of what makes men like this tick (yes, very addictive personalities that transferred drugs/alcohol to running…fascinating), as well as the very humbling reality that millions of people in Africa do not have clean water to drink. Many nomads travel days just to reach any type of wells. All of the proceeds from Running the Sahara will go to the H2OAfrica organization which hopes to change the lives of thousands of Africans as a result of the wells that will be drilled in nomadic areas.

Now – if you got this far, you have probably already skimmed the photos to see if Matt Damon showed up…he didn’t, and thus, I will not be offended if you click off my blog now.

Are you still there?
Oh shucks, I feel honored.

You probably want to know the straight scoop on the movie star.
If we ever meet in real life….. but to put it in print…not my style. 🙂

I had no idea that there would be so many people that I knew, so since I am a very novice photographer and I couldn’t figure out how to catch up with old friends, take pictures,and eat all at the same time (maybe not in that order), I turned the camera over to my 13 year old son. Thanks, Bubs!
It took place at the Carolina Theater that has wonderful ambiance reminiscent of the days of old.
I will give details of my Good Will hunting dress at the end. 🙂

The evening began with a VIP pre-show reception offering a full spread of food that I am typically to exhausted to even think about making. 🙂

Yes, a chocolate fountain….
how can anyone complain with unending chocolate at their disposal.
I love this candid of my son because honestly, ladies,
doesn’t that completely capture our love affair with this wonderful indulgence.

I finally got around to getting some myself…all the strawberries were gone…sigh, all the yummy things to dip in it…gone..sniffle, sniffle…. but I savored the pretzels that I found, and dug in for all it was worth.
The last premier had a fountain three times the size of this one. I am so grateful that this one was a tiny because it saved me from the incredibly strong desire to jump in and roll around in the stuff.
Which I almost did …in my younger, less mature days.

These kiddos were banned from the VIP reception, but look how cute they are taking care of themselves.
(can’t get it off of the “link” UGH)My sis in love, mom and moi posing for the blog. 🙂

Two crazy men….on the left, the star of the movie, and right…my big brother.
(sing with me sista-s)
So incredibly corny, but can you guess….
We are running the Sahara (and that’s the closest you’ll ever find us).


I am having a lot of fun thinking through this whole Designer Wardrobe for under $100 series…. and have found many interesting perceptions along the way that I had NO IDEA were out there.
First, there are quite a few ladies that would never in a million years wear second hand clothing. Now, I would have guessed that for people that have money.

Not because they’re necessarily snooty, but just because they don’t have to. Speaking from experience, I have many friends that love to find out how much I spend, but share candidly that they would not shop for clothes at Good Will or yard sales. What has been fascinating for me is that this actually permeates to people with very limited financial means as well.
I just had no idea.
No right or wrong here…just interesting, and I will explore it in more detail in the upcoming weeks.

Well, here is one lady that is proud to show you her Good Will Hunting deals.
Honestly, you can dress me up for a mere $11, and I can work a room with the best of them.
Gorgeous black dress…Good Will – $5 (YES, FIVE DOLLARS)
There is a beautiful embroidered design around the perimeter of the dress…the detail gives it that extra “oomph.”
Matching earrings/necklace – $2 – yard sale.
A lady that owned a boutique closed down and was selling off all her jewelery. I cleaned her out (literally). You can’t see them up close but they are exquisite (in a not real diamonds kind of way).

Black shoes…I couldn’t even tell that they had ever been worn –
$1 – yard sale

My son took this candid as I was trying to drape the shawl over my panty lines…yep, there were quite a few, but that’s why you wear something to cover them.
This is the wrap that I was telling you about from my Mocha the Menace post.
I get so much use out of this because it has so many versatile looks.
It was $2 at a yard sale and you can bet that I was squealing with delight as I walked to my car.
I love buying rich people’s things that they get sick of.

Total cost for the evening: $11.75
Dress – $5
Jewelry – $2
Shoes – $1
Wrap/shawl? – $2

If you’re doing the math, you’re wondering where the other $1.75 went.
Well, since we’re all women…
I was going to buy a strapless bra for the occassion, but then I went to price them…new!
I am sorry, but if I am only spending $5 on my dress, no way am I spending “xyz” on a bra that I will only wear once a year.
Sorry, I did it….will you keep visiting my blog?

This just wouldn’t be my blog is some bedlam didn’t occur. As my brother was hustling to get to the podium….he leaned over and whispered that the air conditioner went out in the theater.
Let me tell you, in the picture below he is masterfully weaving the scenerio that we just really couldn’t appreciate the Sahara if we didn’t bring a little bit of the heat and humidity to the theater.
Imagine 700 people – with many of the men in suits – enjoying the NC humidity packed together like sardines.
Can’t complain, it sure beats 140 degrees.