Women are called to beauty.
Beautiful surrounding, beautiful clothes, beauty items  – the list could go on,  so when it comes to balancing beauty and the budget, I am drawn to surrounding myself with those things for less money.
Women love fashion. Women prioritize fashion. Women love and prioritize fashion so much that extensive credit card debt in this category runs rampant.
There is another way.
Last week, many of you joined me in your disdain for some narrow minded thinking about the beauty of thrifting.  As I declared my “Face of Goodwill,” I shared my $5 evening gowns that I planned on wearing this week in New York City.
In the fashion world, the Big Apple represents all that is cutting edge in designers, fabrics, styles and accessories. Over the top trends allow people to express themselves through style choices that make me smile, yet ones that I would never think about wearing.
As I packed for my trip, I decided to only travel with a carry-on bag, thus trimming my wardrobe choices. The gowns were put away and I decided to go with my always safe choice – a LBD.  Yes, I have shared my love affair with the Little Black Dress, and I admit my problem. If I see a great one, I purchase it, and this was no exception. Although, when it’s a $1 yard sale find, who can fault me?  It might just be that much better than the last one, and then I have more to share. This LBD has stood the test of time, as I purchased it over a year ago. The cowl neck, which unfortunately, you can’t see well due to the bright lightening, presents a unique and classy touch.
So why did I decide to go so typically unoriginal in NYC? Because I decided to step outside my comfort zone and get a little crazy with my accessories? Nearly two years ago, when I first started my Frugal Fashionista posts, I gave my “Dare to be Different” Frugal Fashionista philosophy.
I shared how I am wearing new colors, trying new sizes, dressing more trendy, and trying new “personalities” with my wardrobe. Many fashion experts will state that you need to know your fashion personality, so you can create your ideal wardrobe. I love breaking the rules on this. With second hand treasures, you can afford to develop new personalities and possibly find ones you love, that you would have never tried at full price.

Six month ago, I purchased these fun, trendy and yes, HUGE earrings on-line for $3. Often, I view large earrings on ladies and think they look amazing, but I’m too nervous to ever try them myself.
I decided NYC was the place to wear them, but even better, I got up the nerve to go all out with my high heels – VERY high heels, as well (the ones on the left).

I am SO glad I did.
Pairing a traditional and simple black dress with some daring earrings and shoes made for a perfect NYC Red Carpet outfit, and the best part is that it was a “no-spend” outfit.
I didn’t go out and purchase additional items for this special weekend, even thought it was quite tempting. I shopped my closet and thought outside what I typically gravitate towards, and now I will never go back.
I loved sporting those fun earrings and  large earrings are going to be on my “treasure hunting” list.
Have fun and ;ook inside your closet to see what interesting pieces you can match. Sometimes it just takes different eyes to try items together like mixing patterns or accessories. You may be able to take a simple $1 black item and make some magic from it by only purchasing one new accessory.
It’s amazing how accessories can make an outfit, and my next Frugal Fashionista post will cover some suggestions.

Total Cost for my “Red Carpet” Frugal Fashionista outfit?
$1 – black yard sale dress
$ 3 – Earrings purchased on -line with a Groupon
$8 – Heels purchased at Plato’s Closet

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