I am the face of Goodwill (thrift store) and proud of it.
This silver evening gown was bought this past month at Goodwill for only $5.
I could be invited to a Black Tie event with a guest list of millionaires, and I would feel completely comfortable shopping at Goodwill for that evening. (Yes, I do have some good ones in my area.) In fact, I have been invited to events like that, sprinkled with movie stars, and while the majority of the women spent months fretting, shopping and spending thousands of dollars on their evening attire, I wined and dined with my dress bought at Goodwill, by my choice. Money at that time was not an issue for our budget, but  I found something second hand that I loved, so should I have felt like I needed to buy something new?
Should my surroundings or the guest list or a fear of what others think change who I am? Just a simple girl who is completely content with her Frugal Fashionista wardrobe?
I feel privileged to have the opportunity to recreate, re-purpose, recycle, redesign and revamp not just my wardrobe, but my home, with treasures found on my weekly hunts.
Unfortunately, I just found out that fellow members of my local community do not agree.
If you follow Balancing Beauty and Bedlam on facebook, you never know what status update I might share. Thursday, my readers found me in a bit of a tizzy from the front page article in my community newspaper entitled,  “No goodwill for Goodwill.”
I was shocked and dismayed to find a vocal outpouring against the proposed Goodwill store going in a few miles from my home. I would be completely sympathetic if the main discord was over the increase in traffic congestion, or even the possibility of property devaluation. My husband and I have chosen to live down a private road, so we wouldn’t desire extra traffic either, but as the article states, when all those arguments were addressed and proposed solutions given, a real rumble remained…
“They don’t want the type of people they believe Goodwill would attract to their neighborhood.”
I’m confused because I am the type of people that store would attract.

The ignorance of some of the narrow minded statements were heartbreaking to me, and a truly telling state of our society. You can read through my Facebook updates and read the comments, if you are interested. I will be formulating a detailed response, and I will share some of my thoughts when I spend all of October writing 31 Days to Balancing both Beauty and a Budget.
In fact, I am thinking this is a topic that needs a video of me sharing my heart.

But until I do, know that this is the face of Goodwill (with my $2 yard sale necklace and earrings.)

This is the face of thrifting, of stewardship, of living green, of savings where I can, so that I can spend and give generously on other areas that I choose. Those areas will not be the same for everyone, but for our family, they work.

This is the face of an 80% off Living Lifestyle.
This is the face of a girl heading to New York City next month, planning to walk the “red carpet” in her $2 black Thrift Store dress that she just found yesterday (or maybe, just maybe, she’ll wear the $5 Goodwill dress.)
Isn’t it wonderful that she has the option?

Yes, I am pretty thankful for second hand shopping.
It has met my needs, my wants, and now allows me to build my savings account, live debt free, and share with others in need.
I will be the new face of Goodwill and proud of it!