Easy Cheesy Vidalia Onion Dip - AMAZING

As each of our children turned five or six, they already knew how to make their own Taco Dip. Yes, this is true.

We are a family which holds a deep and abiding love for our appetizers and some of my favorite food memories are just a sampling of them for dinner. When people host parties and ask everyone to bring a dip to pass, you know it’s going to be a wonderful evening. I always make sure we have our Buffalo Chicken Dip Recipeour Wisconsin Beer Dip (and I don’t even like or drink beer), as well as the infamous Little Smokies Cocktail Sausages.

In fact, by the time our eldest kids reached high school, they could whip up a variety of dips and hold their own with the best of them. This also means that if mom happens to be gone, they are set for dinner. 😉

Now that I’ve shared our food priorities, I’ll let you know that this easy and deliciously cheesy Vidalia Onion Dip is incredibly versatile. We’ve enjoyed it for the last few years and I always make it just a tad different based on the ingredients I have on hand.

Cheesy Vidalia Onion Dip. So addicting and gluten free

While I realize this makes many of you recipe followers nervous because you want a tried and true recipe with exact directions, just know that there’s freedom in preparing this and it’s ALWAYS good.

What can go wrong with onions and tons of cheese? Not much! This dip is the epitome of comfort food and the more you play around with the recipe to make it your own, the more you will crave it!!

Easy Vidalia Onion Dip

Let’s just say this is one of those pleasure foods that people curl up by during a party and pretty much don’t leave its side until the plate has been licked clean.

You can even add in some bacon crumbs to really elevate the flavors or a friend suggested crab meat, but my palate is not quite that fancy. I just love the mix of these hot cheeses.

Love this easy, cheesy Vadalia Onion Dip

When I first saw this Vidalia Onion recipe years ago,  it called for even amount of all ingredients, so that makes it perfect to remember. I love having a few good appetizer recipes memorized. It makes things far less stressful.

I’m sharing both options for you to decide on. This first one makes a bit less than mine. It’s more creamy and a bit more rich, but always a winner.  When I make it this way, sans cream cheese, I add in an extra cup of onions to give it a tad more substance.

Now, here’s how I’ve changed it up just a bit. Remember, I don’t even use a recipe anymore, so any combination of the ingredients above or below will never steer you wrong. I tried to make this a bit more substantial with an additional onion and a bit less mayo. I’ve even used low fat for all the ingredients as well and it was still delicious, but honestly, if we are embracing cheeses and mayo, let’s just do it right. 😉

I can’t wait for you to enjoy this yourself. It’s so easy and is sure to become a new “Go To” recipe in your repertoire.

What’s the one recipe you always bring to parties? I’d love to add to my list!