Little Smokies Appetizer - three variations. All Easy and delicious!

Growing up in Wisconsin, sausage and cheese are staples at the family dinner table.

In fact, last week, I came across some little smokies turkey sausages marked down, so I whipped them up with just some bbq sauce and sauteed onions for dinner.

Yes, “appetizers” for dinner is always a hit.

Little Smokies Cocktail Sausage Appetizers have been a staple at family gatherings for decades, and there’s always a new variation of making them. Honestly, I can’t keep them all straight, so I am giving you a few choices.

Once you make them, you can tweak them to your preference and taste will vary greatly based on the BBQ sauce that you pick, so go for the good stuff.  The sauces are equally delicious with meatballs, so you really get two appetizer ideas from this one recipe. Also know that family members have been known to add a little beer to change up the flavor as well. Yes, so many options.

Easy Sausage Appetizers in the Crock Pot