As much as I love to share about the birthday celebrations and traditions we have implemented throughout the year, sometimes with three birthdays in 30 days, crazy life gets in the way.
Although that may be a reality, that’s not a reason to let your kids know life got in a way. ๐Ÿ™‚
It continues to amazing me how just the little things, especially for young children, are truly the big, meaningful things.
Here’s a way with just five minutes of your time, you can make any occasion extra special.

Call your local newspaper and ask for one of their “End rolls” of newspaper.

Most of them will sell these to the public for just a few dollars. When the newspaper goes to print, they use a much larger spool of paper, and when they are finished with that spool, they still have a HUGE roll left (as pictured above in my lovely attic.)ย  I paid a few dollars for two large rolls, and it has lasted us years, and given the kids hours and hours of fun. It stores in our attic and we always have creative fun ready at our finger tips.

Often, moms tend to micromanage the larger paper because we all know how expensive large poster board can get. This gives kids full creative range to do what ever they want, keeps them entertained, and allow their imagination to go as large as they desire with their artistic endeavors. Best yet, it leaves us guilt free about any monetary waste.

It started when I wanted to do a traditional birthday bannerย  in our kitchen, and I priced it at Walmart. That would not work with the budget, so I remembered hearing about newspaper print end rolls. Since I purchased the roll, every birthday morning, the special child has come down to the announcement of their meaningful day. I never knew how important it had become until last month when I did NOT make one for my fourteen year old. He came down and said, “Sheesh, Mom, am I not special any more?” Yikes!

There have been years it’s been an elaborate piece of artwork, but most years, it’s looked like the one above, done in five minutes before breakfast in bed was to be served. (Yes, that would be her name in spray paint…trust me, spray paint works like a charm in and gets the job done beautifully in 30 seconds.) ๐Ÿ™‚

We have used this newspaper roll for art work, wrapping of glass pieces in packages, sports banners (and even a super meaningful one that my boys ran through when they played for the National Championship on ESPN,) friendship banners, and more. Why not continue the educational learning this summer by giving them ten feet of paper on the drive way and encouraging them to draw, paint,ย  and label the world. They may think it’s a blast, and conquer geography at the same time. Or as the Fourth of July comes next month, they could paint a garage size flag to proudly display.

The sky is the limit with the newspaper’s end roll, so call them this week and be prepared for summer long fun.

And while it’s a tad embarrassing to show you the ripped, five minute, spray painted birthday banner above, guess what? My sweet daughter didn’t even notice. We create the stress for “perfect” birthdays.

Now, MOST of my banners have had a little more thought put into them,ย  but they don’t HAVE to. ๐Ÿ™‚

P.S. I haven’t shared a “bedlam moment” in awhile. Trust me, they continue each week in such simple ways.
You all know that breakfast in bed is one of our huge traditions, mainly for birthdays. Well, last night, the ice cream was devoured without my knowledge, so I couldn’t do my Smiley Face Pancakes.
Instead, I stuck to a bit more boring eggs, bacon and fruit smoothies. Topping the tray were our beautiful Day-lilies and candles. Next time, I will make sure that the birthday girl and the tray do not connect at the same moment. I tried explaining that the eggs and bacon would be just fine once we drained the flower water off the plate, but I don’t think she bought that line. ๐Ÿ˜‰
Yes, just another typical moment in our household that makes the memories that much more interesting.