It’s all about presentation.
Whether we’re talking food styling, our personal home decor or our favorite shop, the presentation, merchandising, and all over look and feel speaks to us when we first walk through the door. Anthropologie is one of those stores that has an ambiance all of its own.
I love to look around and allow their creative juices to permeate my box thinking. I visualize whether or not I could possibly copy what they are doing and apply it to my own home. Recently, our local store had some amazing paper crafts using sticky notes  and notebook paper. They created chandeliers (reminding me of my Pottery Barn Inspired Butterfly Chandelier) out of paper, yes, paper.

As I stopped by my sweet friend, The Nester’s, house to pick her up for our (In)courage weekend, my mouth dropped open as I looked around and saw that she had actually done what I had pondered. The difference? She actually followed through with these amazing  Anthropologie inspired home decor ideas, while I would only ponder. Talk about perfect timing.
She said she had been having fun “playing” around with all these amazing paper craft ideas. Using old books and thrift store finds, she simply went to town with their pages.

Creating a literal paper tree, using a real branch as the trunk and then having it “planted” in a large vase as the base, was both brilliant and fun. I wish I could have fit the whole tree in one picture for you to see.
Using white bowls that she already had, she created her own paper plants.
This spectacular garland speaks for itself.
Note her wonderful accessorizing of white dishes on her shelves, along with the pop of aqua paint color she added to the rim of the shelves. That pop of color makes the whole hutch, at least for me it does, being the lover of all things aqua paint color.
Yes, two amazing ways  to decorate on a dime.  I’ve already stated over and over how paint is my favorite and definitely most inexpensive way you can instantly make huge changes to any home, but accessorizing and staging is crucial as well. Slowly purchasing white dish treasures at yard sales and thrift stores adds to my thrill of the hunt. For me right now, I am looking for blue shades of glassware to add to our shelf as I decorate over our french doors. It’s just so fun to see how everyone is inspired in many different ways.
Am I the only one who is inspired by Anthropologie?