Women from every walk of life gathered together for three days at the beautiful beach on Hilton Head Island.
Entrepreneurs, story tellers, home makers, authors, cooks, artisans, cancer survivors, coordinators, speakers, photographers, decorators, mothers, wives, teachers, business owners, and even some pretty incredible former 7th grade cheerleaders.

Mainly we are all just women who have chosen to share slices of our lives on-line, yet brought together through our desire to connect the hearts of women over at (in)courage.
We dreamed big dreams.
We laughed and cried. Honestly, I think there were even a few snorts mixed in throughout our time together.
I love the different gifts represented in these women.
I love how Dawn, Tsh, Melissa, Heather and The Nester didn’t roll their eyes at me when I asked if anyone wanted to hit up the Hilton Head Goodwill.

I loved how we could sit for hours and didn’t have to clean up the table after we were done because so many varying and amazing restaurants gave us just the respite we needed.
@incourage in real life #inhhi
I loved hearing of dreams realized when one blogger’s Compassion Trip to Kenya revolutionized her family. Her  dream?  To build a house of mercy in the heart of Africa to help heal and offer hope to pregnant girls. To save one life at a time, and she’d done it.

There’s something special about being with a group of dreamers for a few days, and it’s even better when it’s done on Hilton Head Island.

Their creative juices rub off. Their convictions inspire. Their passions infuse.
They help you realize that your ordinary can be extraordinary, and that your mess is part of the story.  (Which is a good thing because often, I am just a mess.)
I hope you haven’t lost your dream.
Just dream ladies. I’ll cheer you along the way.
And if you get a chance? Bring some of those friends to the beach and do it all together. It’s so worth the extra hassle to get away if only for a few days.
Dream God Sized Dreams (model @beautyandbedlam, bracelet @lisaleonard
Do you have any dreamers in your real life?

Thank you so much to both Dayspring and  Hilton Head Department of Tourism for providing this wonderful weekend for us dreamers to get together. Resort Rentals of Hilton Head Island provided the beach front accommodations, while Dayspring fed us and took care of the incidentals.