November 18, 2017

Fun Thrifty Treasures from this Week


I’ve been counting down the weeks till yard sale season begins, but unfortunately, with all the chilly weather, people are holding off until the sun pops out on a regular basis. Fortunately for me,  a few brave souls decided to […]

Thrifty Treasures that Add a Pop to a New Space


A few months ago, I stumbled across these light weight wooden beauties for $2 a piece at our local Habitat for Humanity Restore. I don’t shop there often because it’s a good 40 minutes from my house, so when my […]

Let Them Fly: Dresser Makeover by Up & Coming DIYer


Nov. 2012 “Mom, can I please get my own dresser? PLEASE? It’s not fair that Abby has one and I don’t have any “real” spot for my clothes.” “Honey, there’s just not enough room in there for another dresser, but […]

My Saturday’s Thrifty Treasures


Yard sale season has sprung, and over the last few weeks, I’ve been itching to get out thrifting, so I was having to compensate by going to the thrift stores. Of course, I love a good thrift store, but there’s […]

Trash to Treasure Spring Decor in Minutes


I’m not in my Spring Cleaning mood yet (I’m waiting patiently for that to hit), but when the spring air hit this week, it sure did get me in a Spring spray paint kind of mood. I went on a […]

5 Minutes, $5 Mantel Decor Redo


Embracing a “Trash to Treasure” mentality encourages so many creative juices for me.  Someone else may have chosen to discard the item for a few dollars at a yard sale, but to me, I see a world of new possibilities. […]

Beautiful Entertaining with Thrifted Treasures


After having promised myself to yard sale with only “needs” in mind this summer, it’s been a wonderful excuse to begin new treasure hunts as I prepare for some of my talks on “Thrifting as a lifestyle” for our Becoming […]

Pottery Barn Inspired – Frugal Girls Bedroom Ideas


Over the last year, I’ve been slowly adding Pottery Inspired ideas for my girls’ bedroom.  The one thing that has stretched our budget more than anything else, have been the ability to thrift and yard sales for treasures. Those items […]

My Home Decor Yard Sale Treasures Week


Today’s yard sale outing scored me some extra fun home decor Trash to Treasure finds. Our daughters’ bedroom is a slowly evolving Pottery Barn Inspired room. In fact, I have all the pictures loaded for a post addressing this, and […]

Yard Sale Treasures


Yard sale season has cranked into full gear in NC, and for the first time in awhile, I don’t necessarily have to set a strict yard sale budget, but I do have to be careful not to replace all the […]

Spontaneous Yard Sale Chaos…


For those of you who follow me on my Balancing Beauty and Bedlam Facebook page, you know that this past Saturday afternoon I decided to do something quite crazy as I announced a spontaneous yard sale in two days,  Tuesday […]

Fabulous Fabrics…adding some Vintage Heart to my Home


There’s something about beautiful fabrics that can lighten a mood. They set the tone for a room, a table,  a wall, and even me. For  Christmas of my sweet 16,  my mom sewed me a cute apron for my hope […]

Trash to Treasure Yard Sale Find – Antique Chair


After having taken a few weeks off of attending yard sales, I ventured out bright and early Saturday morning to browse for a few treasures. I was not disappointed. Tucked away, I caught of glimpse of the lines on this […]

Odd Uses for Unexpected Yard Sale Items


Honoring our eldest son in a quick and creative pictorial way came in the form of a $1 yard sale find. This tray looked like trash, which was probably why it was still around at 11 am on a Saturday […]

Yard Sale Trash to Treasure Finds


It’s always thrilling for me when a room slowly comes together. I’ve never had a room make-over, although HGTV would be SO welcome to attack any room in our house, and I might even name our next child after them […]