I’ve been counting down the weeks till yard sale season begins, but unfortunately, with all the chilly weather, people are holding off until the sun pops out on a regular basis.

Fortunately for me,  a few brave souls decided to hold them anyhow, and it ended up being a beautiful day.

I am sure they were thrilled with their decision because when you are one of the first sales of a new season, people like me who have waited patiently all winter long, flock to your sale.  (Hint to those pondering whether to make some quick cash by holding a yard sale: do it now before the weekends are inundated with them. )

One of my 80% off Living Strategies revolves around planning ahead with certain purchases or parties. For instance, I will be hosting a baby shower for my niece in the next few weeks, and I want it to be special, without having to spend a fortune. I determined that a “Welcome to the World” shower would be a lot of fun, since my sweet grand nephew has already made his appearance/ With that in mind, I am on the hunt for globes and maps to decorate (and really anything else that might work.)

When I saw that adorable red, antique suit case, I knew I had to have it. Not just for the shower, but just for a fun decorating element. When you stack a few old suitcases, you have a memorable coffee table. In my case, I will stack it and put some globes on top to help create the ambiance for my “World  Travel” theme.  I only have one more weekend free to go thrifting before the shower, so I hope to find a few more treasures.

I’m a sucker for anything cooking inspired, and since I love my easy Popover recipe, but typically make the majority of them in muffin pans, I knew a new popover pan for $0.50 was a steal.  If you haven’t tried to make these unique bites of deliciousnes, give them a try. I have a great Sweet Popover recipe as well.

You know my problem with cook book hoarding. Yes, I am a cookbook hoarder. One of my favorite posts was reading the comments from “What’s Your Favorite Cookbook,” it’s so interesting to hear such a wide range of experiences.” It was especially nice to find out I am not the only gatherer. 🙂  I love them and just couldn’t pass up this vintage 1969 cookbook for $0.50. (Ok, so there were some William Sonoma ones I couldn’t pass up either. All worth it.)

Since I entertain a lot, I’m always looking for pans that can make something typical, look fancy. So this non stick muffin tin fits the bill every time. I might use it for muffins, cakes or even to mold ice /fruit cubes to float in my punch.

Along with fun cookware finds, I just can’t pass up unique dishes. Well, I do pass some up, but this adorable flower bowl for $0.50 and these blue ones from Pier One, I just couldn’t.

I know, I know, why buy two unmatched plates that nestle so cutely on each other? Because I love them and they make me happy.

Simple Pleasures!

Since we just finished our front porch (that took 15 years literally – post to come), I now have to furnish it and that’s tricky.

I’ve decide to hunt for benches that won’t take up a lot of room, yet will hold multiple purposes such as seating and table area. I can paint them to match, recover any seats that need it, and I’ll have a lot of extra seating.

The black piano bench cost only $3.  The metal side table I had but just spray painted turquoise and then found that cute candle holder for $1. My great porch finds were these indoor/outdoor cushions. Do you know how expensive they are new? I’ve been wanting to replace our deck cushions but will have to wait til the end of the season when they go 50% off. I snatched these up (brand new) for only $2.50/each. They didn’t work with the owners decor, but they were perfect with our outdoor sofa.

Even though sewing is not one of my skills, when bolts of fabric are offered, I buy them. I’ve found so many uses for them outside their sewing intent such as drop cloths for painting.  This fabric is too cute to waste, so I’ll find a good use for it.

My favorite find of the day was this HUGE wicker mirror that the owner had already painted red. It doesn’t match my decor, so the beauty is that for a few dollars, I can paint it to match what I love.

That is the beauty of thrifting. When you open your mind to all the possibilities, you can dress up your sweet nest for pennies on the dollar.

Those were my finds from Saturday, so I was pretty excited to find some treasures from everyone else’s trash.

Have you found any fun thrifty finds lately? I’d love to hear.