It’s a chilly, rainy day today, and nothing seems more inviting than a bowl of simmering soup accompanied by some fresh, out of the oven, popovers. A few months ago, I visited my sweet sister in-love and she introduced me to this easy popover recipe.

Just a mixture of simple ingredients, which produces light and airy popovers. The key to this baked delight? A light touch when mixing and a nice, hot oven.

“The popover is a culinary marvel, a loose batter that, with the aid of a hot oven, expands like a golden cumulus cloud, producing a crisp, hollow pastry with a soft, eggy interior. While the mixture is very similar to crepe batter, when you confine it to deep, narrow, muffin-like molds, the surface of the batter sets and the air is trapped, so that the pastry has nowhere to go but up and out, creating a gravity-defying bubble.”

Isn’t that a wonderful description, courtesy of the NYT’s? It makes me want to try every popover recipe available. Enjoy this simple popover recipe that warms the soul on a cold, rainy day.