October 17, 2017

Our Crazy Family Tradition at Sheetz: Free Coffee


freecoffee Sheetz Gas Station – a new family tradition

(The first year of our new Family Tradition – Sheetz Gas Station on Christmas Day. Read about my crazy family.)

There’s nothing more comforting than a family who comes besides you in your crazy blog photo moments.

This pictured commenced the first year of our Free Coffee at Sheetz Tradition, and we will continue it this Sunday. After we deliver meals to some refugee families, a highlight of our day will be partaking in the self serve coffee  – FREE ALL DAY at any Sheetz Gas Station (and they are offering this New Year’s Eve as well).

Yes, I love a family who gets excited about hamburgers from a gas station free coffee at a gas station. If you stop in, make sure you throw up a toast to frugal, family fun, and capture a picture for sweet memories. 🙂

Here are the Free Sheetz Coffee details that I got via email:

Tis the season for a hot and tasty freebie. Warm up and celebrate the holidayz with FREE SELF-SERVE COFFEE ALL DAY on Christmas Day, and again on New Year’s from 4PM on December 31st to 4PM on January 1st.

*Offer applies to one 16 oz. self-serve coffee per person. While supplies last. Sorry, no rain checks. Offer good any time Christmas Day and from 4PM on 12/31/11 to 4PM on 1/1/12.


  1. This post is SO funny for me. Every year, we travel on Christmas afternoon to see my husband’s parents (4 hours away) and we always make sure to stop by the Sheetz along the way for the free coffee. My husband doesn’t even drink coffee, but he drinks it on Christmas because it’s free. I’ll have to remember the New Year’s Day freebie.

    Merry Christmas!


  2. Love it… sounds like too much fun! unfortunatly I have a bunch of fuddy-duds in my crew.. maybe I can find something for us to do kind-a fun. Besides we don’t have a Sheetz here. However there are other things besides “free” and or “coffee” just go have fun. THEN I have to learn how to get photos on the computer to share on various sites.. that would be fun too!


  3. Ooooh…I don’t think I am supposed to embrace my jealousy at Christmas, but I am sooo jealous of y’all! We moved from Virginia five years ago and I *STILL* miss Sheetz 🙁 Merry Christmas!


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