November 22, 2017

Scarves – How Do I Tie a Scarf?


fFrugal Fashonista Designer outfits on a thrift store budget

How To Tie a Scarf

Are you new to my Frugal Fashionista series? Find out how I dress in designer clothes for less. Yes, for mere pennies on the dollar, my outfits are less than $15, and did I mentionโ€ฆall second hand?)

Frugal Fashionista - designer outfits on a thrift store budget

$5 Dress I Wore for Easter

(If you want the heart behind blogging about real fashion, read my Frugal Fashionista is Back, but why it stopped.)

Months ago, I shared my new found love for scarves as one of the best ways to spice up a Frugal Fashionista outfit. My 5 Simple Ways to Dress Fabulously for Less states that accessories are the number one way to turn frump into fabulous.

Many of you shared that a picture of scarf typing isn’t enough for you “visual learners,” and that you needed me to demonstrate how to tie a scarf. Here is the first of two videos that will hopefully encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and experiment with my favorite Frugal Fashionista accessory – the scarf.

This is a very simple introduction on how to tie a scarf. (Sorry for the poor lightening. I was such a novice with the video camera, and that will change.)

It shows how to take a very basic $1 yard sale shirt, and make it extremely versatile by adding a scarf. The next video I will focus on many more advanced ways to tie a scarf. Warm up with these intro steps, and then I’ll take you from “basic to beyond” in the art of frugal accessorizing. ๐Ÿ™‚

Edited to add:

My Scarf Typing 102 is up and ready for you to view. Don’t be afraid to try new scarf tying tricks. Learning to utilize this inexpensive, yet dynamic accessory will carry you all the way from summer to winter.


  1. Loved your video, Jen! You do such a great job; I know that talking into a camera has got to be hard!!
    Ok- have to share that I just bought a ruffley gray scarf from Charlotte Russe today for $8 (full price)!! So excited!
    See you very soon at Blissdom; I’ll be the one in the hot, cheap scarf, baby!


  2. Great video! I do have one question. How long was the turquise scarf in the video? I seem to always buy/make scarves that are to short, but that one was (obviously) the right length.


  3. I have really been into scarves the last couple of years and I love how fun and flexible they are. I am a big believer in accessories to jazz up the wardrobe. Monochromatic is a fav way of mine as well to dress, then have fun with jackets, earrings, shoes and scarves.

    I’m going to keep my eyes open at my Goodwill trip this week for a new scarf and maybe try a new color and look.

    I’m pleased to see that you talk about being mindful of how we look. I think many times women have a few kids and just fall apart. I have 9 kids and while I’ve gone through my ‘less than fashionable’ stages, I try to recover and find myself as soon as I can after a baby, overweight or not, and spruce up my look. Hair, make-up and nails alone make a huge difference,not only in how we look but more importantly, how we feel.

    I don’t know of any mom who has a tremendous amount of time to primp over ourselves. Yet, our husbands and children need to see that we feel a sense of pride about ourselves and our role. It doesn’t take much effort, as you so effectively state. Start with a scarf! Buy a new color of nail polish and paint your toes to start! Something….anything…..

    Lovin’ your blog,

    Kelly Morris


  4. I have been discovering that I really enjoy wearing scarves so it’s nice to have a couple different ideas on how to tie them! I really like the idea of pinning the brooch to it too, that really adds a lot.


    mub Reply:

    @mub, Let’s see how many times I can use really in a comment, really ๐Ÿ˜‰


  5. You are so stinkin’ cute. I’ve probably said that before. ๐Ÿ˜€
    I love scarves but I’ve been to afraid to try them. Hmmm, maybe with your instructions I can get out of my comfort zone! : )


  6. I love your videos. Too cute! Thanks for the scarf demo!


  7. Love it Jen! I did a scarf as a belt w/ jeans today – great inspirational video!


  8. I love scarves – I wear one at least several times a week. I buy a lot of solids and basics and a scarf is my favorite way to make them look spectacular! Each time Josh goes to a new country, he brings one home for me, so I am growing quite a collection. ๐Ÿ™‚ Great tutorial!


  9. Great video, Jen!! I tend to buy scarves and then not wear them. You may just be the push I need. ๐Ÿ™‚


  10. Your scarf video was really helpful. I have trouble getting a scarf to look “just so.” After watching your video, I’m going to give it another try.


  11. I’ve got all my grandmother’s scarves, which are really cool. Plus lots of my own, and my daughter has some, too. One twist on the dressy-backward-scarf (sounds like a basketball move) — I love that one, but it drives me crazy, since it always seems to creep over one shoulder. I have actually been known to pin the scarf, low down on the back, with a knockout brooch (a la grandma, too, gotta love that girl).


  12. Great video, Jen!! I learned a new way to wear my favorite pink scarf! ๐Ÿ™‚


  13. I love scarves too – great video!



  14. So fun! Thank you for the tips!


  15. Great video, you did such a great job on it. Thanks for the tips.

    Looking forward to more videos from you. Love your blog.


  16. Hi Jen! That IS a great video – nice job ๐Ÿ™‚ I really like how you, most importantly, show that scarves are EASY and that even though one can spend time to tie a scarf a specific way, you can sometimes just wrap it around and layer it loosely over a sweater and VOILA! instant /casual glamour! I also wanted to point out / help answer a question in an earlier post – that sometimes a scarf can be referred to as a ‘wrap’ when it’s larger and or longer – and those are the best for layering, bunching around the neck, as well as wrapping around your shoulders. A scarf is a great way to extend a wardrobe into EVERY season! Happy outfits ๐Ÿ™‚ -Jennifer (


  17. Hey, were you in the vlogging wisdom workshop? Someone in a later workshop said that I should see your blog since we both love thrifting. When I looked at your blog I noticed your scarf video. hopefully we’ll run into each other at Blissdom again.


  18. Jennifer H. says:

    Hi Jen, thanks for the video! I bought my first scarf early last fall from a Kmart clearance rack for $4. I had no idea what to do with it, but I knew I had to have it! ๐Ÿ™‚ I never do stuff like that.

    I was a bridesmaid in a friend’s wedding soon after and wore my new pink scarf as a shawl to keep me warm at the reception. The colors were perfect and I felt so cool for wearing a scarf! It sat for the next several months in my sweater drawer…

    A couple of weeks ago, a woman at work, who is old enough to be my mother, was wearing a cute scarf with a sweater and I was inspired. I tied it around my neck in a braided knot and it looked awesome! I got so many compliments on it and I was spurred on to try again!

    Seeing your video today makes we want to pick up some more cheap scarves and branch out! I get so tired of wearing blouses and sweaters to work everyday and need some new inspiration. Thanks for the video! Looking forward to part 2!


  19. Thanks so much for posting! I love the look but never knew how to GET the look! I’m seriously thinking about hitting up Goodwill this weekend!


  20. You are such a cutie and a natural in front of the camera! I felt like you were just chatting with me. You are adorable, and thank you for the help with the scarves….I’ve found some great ones this last week at goodwill. Love that place!


  21. Love the tutoril on how to tie scarves. Can’t wait until part 2!


  22. What a great video. I have wondered how to tie scarves, and only knew of a couple of ways. I do love wearing them though, and am excited to try new methods. Looking forward to video 2. It was fun to meet you at Blissdom.



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