November 22, 2017

It’s All About the Cake: Krispy Kreme Cake


IMG 1780 Host a Teenage Birthday Party…on a budget!

Teen Age Birthday Party Ideas on a Budget

With five children, we have definitely hosted our share of parties – birthday parties, going away parties, graduation parties,bridal “parties,” Just Because parties, and probably every category not listed.

There’s nothing better than gathering friends and families in celebration and just sharing life together. I love opening our home, making people feel welcome, and hanging out.

With that desire of hospitality comes the food aspect, and the nervousness we all get when thinking of having to feed those at the party. I’ve written numerous times about making food for a large group, but one aspect that is a constant burr in my plan is that of “THE CAKE.”

Let’s admit it, for children’s parties, it’s all about the creativity of the cake. Moms are heralded from counties near and far when they have one of “THOSE CAKES.”

Historically, I focus my party planning time on making sure every one has a great time, so unfortunately, the day of the party comes and my dreams of a creative cake goes out the window. I admit that there have been quite a few occasions where the day of the party arrives, and I have yet to think about the cake.

Every year I determine that the next birthday will be the celebration in which I make the most amazing homemade cake with such elaborate frosting techniques that every one finally says, “Wow, she has arrived.”

But alas, that year has yet to come. It’s not the homemade cake I have the problem with, I am just fine with the baking part, it’s the hours of frosting that gets me every time.

But guess what? Our children have survived. I don’t think they’ll be lamenting in a counselor’s chairs years from now about the fact mom messed up the cake, and our parties are continually noted as some of the most fun around. (Let’s be honest, the cake is really all about impressing the parents anyhow.)

Yet,  hear me loud and clear, some of our love languages are all about giving the gift of something specially baked, and if that’s you, embrace the fun and elaborate cake, but if it brings you stress, please remember the fact that it’s about gathering together and enjoying each other. That’s where the take away of your celebrations should be placed.

IMG 1768 Donut Birthday Cake

Good “enough” Donut Birthday Cake

We threw a huge shin ding for our eldest son’s 16th birthday party. It was at the end of our year long unemployment, and spending was basically put on hold. I picked up some marked down Krispy Kreme donuts and threw together this 5 second Good ” enough” Cake. Literally, as guests were arriving, I layered them on the cake. The beauty of that moment was when all the teens stormed in, they gathered around the cake exclaiming how much they loved it.

Granted, now that I am the master connoisseur of all things tablescape and glassware, I would definitely have strategically placed these on my pretty thrifted cake stands, cake plates etc, but I was a sheer novice back then. 😉


Look how beautiful you can make something as simple as store bought donuts.

The Knot and The Nest.

This is definitely a GOOD THING, and it’s certainly Good Enough!

How to Make a Dirt Cake

Have you ever served a Good “Enough” Cake? I’d love to hear about it.

Join me this month as I share fun inspiration through my 31 days of Good “enough” Things.

Or over at 10 Minute Dinners where we are starting at the very beginning.

31days buttons bbb wide 31 Days of Good Enough Things

I can’t wait to see what kind of Tasty Tuesday inspiration you are mixing up.


  1. Kathleen N says:

    I’ve done some of those special cakes – doll ones of mermaids and Strawberry Shortcake to name a few. But I’d love to try some “Good Enough” Cakes now! Yours looked delicious and so special!


  2. Some of the most enjoyable ‘cakes’ were ‘frost and decorate your own’cupcakes and a huge chocolate chip cookie I made on a pizza pan. The kids aren’t all that impressed with looks…they just want the chocolate!


  3. When I read about the “good enough” cakes, I had to smile. My daughter, when she was 3, got the idea that she wanted a donut cake for her birthday (we lived in Winston Salem, NC – home to Krispy Kreme donuts) – she is 13 now and every year for her birthday, she has asked for a donut cake with Krispy Kreme donuts. Ten years of donut cakes and I am sure that there will be many more! 🙂


  4. Who wouldn’t love a doughnut cake?! I’m not all that good at frosting and decorating either. I made a cake for my Goddaughter once that was just frosted plainly but I put lots of candies on it (smarties, M&Ms etc). I was a bit nervous as so many of my friends are fantastic at cake decorating, but she was so pleased with it. I think it’s the memories, not the decoration on the cake, that counts 🙂


  5. It’s really about the cake, isn’t it? They don’t care if it came from a bakery. They really prefer to see us make it, and help us make it, too.


  6. Doughnut cakes! I love those better than actual cakes sometimes. 🙂 Thanks for hosting.


  7. Haha. Most of them. Nothin’ wrong with a donut cake.


  8. at last…. thank you for your loving message. there are so many real challenges in life that putting one on ourselves that is really so “whatever” makes no sense. how many parties have we all helped do clean up and found plates full of cake that had one bite or even no bite taken out of it.


  9. Looking forward to this series – and so true about the cakes! I often have put myself under pressure to produce the perfect cake, and the most important thing is the love, not the cake – good reminder. Thanks!


  10. Katherine says:

    Oh the stress cakes have caused me over the years! Six cakes in a year, me always trying to make six different colors of frosting and getting mad at my husband for telling me I was nuts. Finally a year ago it was a wake up call for me when after making a massive decorated cake and staying up until 3 am, my 7 yr old son said he liked the cake but wanted the ice cream cake he saw at Aldi next year. Too hilarious.


  11. Adam Kutner says:

    There’s something to be said for HOW you eat making up for WHAT you eat as well. For one of my little ones birthday parties, I busted out the tarp, and we had a cake tossing contest that doubled as a cake eating event….
    WOW talk about memories, great pictures and not to mention the fun I had hosing off kids outside(summertime only). I won’t lie, I love watching those suckers squirm when I blasted them with the hose!
    Great article. Too often we forget about WHAT we are doing and worry too much about HOW we look. Also, Tarps are awesome. I own 3.


    Jen Reply:

    That is SUCH a fun idea!! I bet it was a blast!!!!



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