October 24, 2017

Game Day Foods – it’s a Tradition


Packer family Have I Told You I am a Cheesehead?(Last year’s picture)

The frost glistens as the sun reflects off the wintery white. My son’s cheeks redden as he saunters out to our wood pile, snagging another log to top off the roaring fire inside. Soft music plays in the background, and our home is filled with the aromas of a home-cooked meal. As we gather around the fire …

WAIT! Who am I trying to kid? It’s not peaceful, it’s GAME DAY! 

Testosterone rages through our family room as three high school football-playing sons and one old-timer dad, reliving his college football-playing years, hoot, holler and high-five as their team runs out onto the field.

Yes, the fire does roar, along with the fans in the family room. Yes, smells of comfort food permeate throughout the house, but if you’re looking for a serene environment, look elsewhere for the next four hours because the only question being answered is, “Are you ready for some football?”

As a family born and raised in Wisconsin and, specifically, a husband who grew up in Green Bay, game day isn’t just a few hours spent watching football, it’s a day to experience life to its fullest, along with all the toppings — which, in this family, means donning our Packers gear, lighting the grill, gathering family and friends, and then enjoying amazing game day food, fun and football all afternoon long.

This experience is not to be taken lightly, nor is the game day food, which stimulates the senses and sets the atmosphere for the evening.

The first course tides us over until the grill heats up; taco dip, ,Beer Dip, amazing Buffalo Chicken Dip recipe, the best cheese ball, sausage and hot artichoke dip are just a few favorites.

Appetizers keep the carnivores at bay for a few moments, but soon the counter is filled with their favorites: beef of every variety.

In Wisconsin, the Packers grace most TVs every Sunday, along with the staples of meat and cheese. Yesterday, I shared another iconic Sunday treat, Wisconsin Beer Dip Recipe. It’s so good, that even those who don’t drink will love it.

Do you have any special game day food favorites that you love to share with your family and friends?

I would love to develop a broader repertoire. I’ve been stuck on my favorites for years, and can’t wait to hear in the comments.

Have a blast your next game day, and make it a time to enjoy family, friends and football.

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  1. Jen, I just want to offer my condolances to you, your family and the Packers.

    oh, yeah, and thanks for the link up. I love perusing the recipes each week.


  2. I’m an Eagles fan. Believe me, I understand mourning.

    Anyway, my dad always used to make hot roast beef sandwiches, wings and sometimes meatballs for a big game, especially the Superbowl. I’m hoping to carry on that tradition this year, now that he’s no longer with us.


  3. A friend of mine was telling me about a healthy alternative to guacamole…broccamole. take the stem of the broccoli, peel it, steam it, then puree it. Add whatever you add to avocados for guacamole, and it is great. I am gonna try it this year.


    Jen Reply:

    @Jenn, NO WAY! Ok, really? We need to figure this out, since we LOVE guacamole, but avocados are so expensive the majority of the year.


  4. Would you believe we don’t even watch football around here? But I just might have to start so I have an excuse to eat all this yummy game day food!


  5. Hi, Jen. Maybe you’ll want to make my Pretzel Bites I linked up for game day! My husband is already “you tubing” Super Bowl commercials.


  6. Sorry to hear about the Packers! I used to really enjoy watching football when I lived in Canada. Football in England just isn’t the same – not in how it’s played, or how it’s watched and enjoyed. I’ve linked up a slow cooker meal that you could have waiting for you when you get home after the game. Thank you for hosting.


  7. Not your traditional game day meal, but it’s hot and stewy and yummy. The boys won’t even notice there’s no meat. Ok maybe that’s a stretch but it is delicious. I’m sharing a Moroccan Vegetable Tagine.


  8. I linked up crepes this week, but we love homemade hot wings on game day! Sub sandwiches, too.
    We were bummed out about the Packers loss, too. I’m a Wisconsin girl, and we live just down the road from Butte College where Aaron Rogers played.


  9. My boys and I also mourned the loss of the Packers, but my husband is a Giants fan so he’s pretty stinkin’ happy. Either way, football watching is really all about the food for me!


  10. There sure are some yummy looking recipes being shared this week. I brought my Orange Push-Up Smoothies. Thanks for hosting and have a great week!


  11. Game day food is wonderful, and I always like to include some health(ier) choices too…my apples (to dip in peanut butter) healthy snack idea goes along with the often salty snacks we like during Superbowl watching! 😀


    Jen Reply:

    SO, so true. If the healthy options are there, I’ll dig in. 🙂


  12. Well, I suppose you could have a pasta fazool on gameday… 🙂 I just wanted to share that one, really. Your Beer Dip looks delicious and simple to make. I’m looking forward to trying it.


  13. I hate football (sorry!) but I love football apps. We made philly cheese steak egg rolls last week (I posted a recipe card in my blog for those…yum.) And this week, I made homemade tater tots. Those, smothered in some chili or cheese, would be perfect game day food!


  14. Thanks for hosting! This was my first time linking up but will definitely be back next week. Thanks again!



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