Have you heard there’s a football game that starts in one hour?

Did you know that one of the teams is owned by the shareholders and we (well, my dad to be exact) own stock in that certain team (yes, for $200 you can too.)

Have I told you that even though I am now a Southern girl,  I was born, raised, married and had our first two children in Wisconsin?

Have I shared that my husband was literally named after a famous Green Bay Packers coach and that he grew up next to a Packer player and babysat for his children and received tickets instead of money (that’s when you could get tickets and there wasn’t a 30 year waiting list)?

Did you know that when Lambeau Field was refurbished, we  bought a brick and now the names of our five children grace the premise of that historic legend?

Well, now you know…

and that means we’re kind of BIG, I mean GINORMOUS Packer fans.

So, let’s hear it for some FOOTBALL! GO PACK!!!!

The chili is simmering, dip is made, brats are going on the grill, so now my greatest dilemma of the hour is choosing which accessories to wear. 🙂

We start the fan hood young here… 🙂 AT BIRTH…..

You should see how much Packer paraphernalia we own..it’s ridiculous. 🙂