October 20, 2017

Frugal Fashionista Fashion Show



Are you new to my Frugal Fashionista series? Find out how I dress for less with designer outfits for mere pennies on the dollar. Yes, all outfits  from head to toe are less than $15, and did I mention…second hand?)

As a Frugal Living blogger, one of my favorite times  is browsing your Frugal Fashionista links and cheering you on for embracing the world of second hand fashion. I know, for many of you, it took a lot to “come out of the closet,” but I love encouraging others to realize that you don’t have to be a “millionaire” to dress like one. In fact,  a few dollars, some great yard salse, and fabulous accessories equals the formula for one amazing wardrobe.

This week’s featured outfits were actually taken awhile ago, but I felt the outfits didn’t meet the “cut.”  Convicted, I realized that if this series is going to be whole heartedly beneficial, it can’t just highlight outfits that say “wow” every time because that isn’t how I dress on a day to day basis. The outfits below are casual, but they show how one core wardrobe shirt can be used to create various looks.

save money on clothes

Typically, I pair this $1 Banana Republic shirt with jeans in the winter, and jean shorts in the summer. The versatile 3/4 sleeves allow it to be worn year round. Stepping out of my comfort zone a bit (which I highly encourage), I  wore a plaid skirt that made me feel a little preppyish, yet it dressed it up for a very casual, but comfortable look. I could have chosen flip flops for the summer or boots would be a fun option for cooler weather.

Both the shirt and skirt were $1 yard sale finds – definitely not a bank breaker. 😉

accessorize with earrings

Just by changing jewelry and highlighting $0.50 yard sale long, blue earrings give the look an instant elegance.

(Yes, I was tickled…great jewelery at yard sales is hit or miss.)

off the shoulder

Pull the shirt off the shoulders a bit, tie longer hair up in a knot, add dramatic earrings, a long flowing skirt, and you now have changed your day look to an elegant “night on the town” look that only took a minute or so to make a difference.

multi purpose outift

It’s often hard to transition from season to season because there are a few weeks where the weather varies. By adding a jacket, you can gap those hard to plan for weeks.

I love to “gap” those days with my $5 Gap jacket. It goes with nearly everything.

  • Gap jacket – $5 (thrift store)
  • Banana Republic shirt – $1 (yard sale)
  • Khaki Capri pants – $2 (yard sale)
  • Purple heeled sandals (designer brand, but can’t tell you because I am in Colorado and they are in NC) $2 (yard sale)

Total: $10

using scarf

Again, by “investing” in core wardrobe pieces such as this Banana Republic shirt, shows  how you can make multiple outfits. Transitioning from a spring look with the light jacket and pants, to a more winter look is easy just by swapping out with dark jacket and pants. Add on a $1 yard sale scarf to take it up a notch. Again, I found this Gap black jacket at my favorite Goodwill for $5. Now is the perfect time to look for second hand jackets. When it’s 100 degrees outside, people are clearing out their winter items, and most people are not in the market for them, so your chance of finding them at thrift stores is much greater than during the winter (when I typically have no luck.)

Remember, whether you purchase new or second hand,  buy clothing out of season. You’ll be thrilled you did in a few months.

This is your day to share your Frugal Fashionista finds.

Remember, I love awesome deals from the store, but at least part of your main wardrobe pieces need to be second hand in order to link up.
Link directly to your FF post and not your home page URL. This will let everyone find your post months from now.
Please link back to my blog in your post so that every one can join in on the frugal fun.
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  1. Thanks Jen for sharing those Frugal Fashionista Finds! Great mix & match ideas!


  2. Great outfits Jen! I love the plaid skirt!

    I linked up my frugal office fashions. Thanks for hosting!

    Mary Ellen


  3. jen, i don’t have any frugal fashionista shares today (most of my clothes are in moving boxes @ the moment) BUT i wanted to share this video from Stephmodo’s blog–i’ve NEVER seen scarves tied like this & LOVED the look–i figured you could ‘copy’ it & share it again when you add to your “how to tie a scarf” series 🙂


    AND if you care to share any of your “rich people” Goodwill locations near Raleigh, I’d happily take them from you 🙂 We’re headed that direction next weekend…(for the last time ever!)


  4. Love your outfits! Linking up today with a few of my own favs this summer!


  5. Natalie says:

    Jen, I loved the fashion show as always. I would have loved to participate, but I’ve been battling morning sickness (and we all know nausea and thrift stores don’t mix). Hopefully next time I can link up some maternity finds! Thanks for hosting!


  6. Love this frugal fashion show! I meant to tell you yesterday that my outfit cost me a total of $12:
    Old Navy jeans at Goodwill – $6
    Vintage belt – $2
    Stripped polo from Out of the Closet – $4

    aka Bargain Babe


    Jens Reply:

    You should have told me yesterday and I would have snagged a pic of you…only to have you show up on my blog…lol 🙂


  7. Jen from Germany says:

    Jen, I had to tell you about my amazing finds the other day at our on post thrift store. I am much more limited here (my hubby is stationed in Germany) due to the differences in sizes and the fact that yard sales don’t happen. I have been ready for some deals and I FOUND THEM! I got a pair of denim jeans for fall $3, Gap Khakis (boot cut) $3, navy pea coat (canvas) for 50 CENTS and a pair of Banana Republic capris for 50 CENTS! I was so excited that while I can’t wear many of the pieces now since it is 95 degrees and NO central a/c, I will be looking great in the fall and winter! Thanks for your posts! I am excited about what I CAN do here!


    Jens Reply:

    YES – so thrilled you shared your find. You completely have the right mentality…do what you can, when you can and where you can. We can’t do it all. 🙂


  8. I’m going garage saling this weekend with my mom. After checking out all the amazing find these gals snagged I can hardly wait! Thanks for the inspiration Jen!


    Jens Reply:

    @Libby, Let me know if you find something. Remember, I don’t always hit the jack pot every weekend, but a great shirt here, shoes there…all add up. 🙂


  9. Oh dear – it’s probably been too long to link up – I got a dress for FREE at my fav thrift store b/c the zipper was defective (dress was brand new w/tags) so I got a 25 cent zipper and replaced it then bought two belts that will work with the dress b/c whoever bought it originally must have kept the belt when they ditched the dress.

    Anyway, I finally finished it, but several days too late so I’ll hang on to it for next time!

    I so enjoyed seeing your deals and everybody else’s – you really inspire us to step outside of comfort zones!


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