November 23, 2017

Christmas Tree Veggie, Fruit, and Cheese Platter Ideas


 love all these fun Christmas Tree Cheese and Veggie Platter idea .

I wander through that kitchen of mine.

Yes, she glares at me and then mocks me, along with the used scrapbook “store” I own. She mentions that I am supposed to be making ten minute dinners every night, and yet the oven is stone cold, except for remnants of the frozen pizza crust left behind.

This last month hasn’t been indicative of the warm, cozy, slow paced holidays I’ve come to demand, no, fight for, in our home. It’s been a whirlwind of teenagers schedules (and a few of my own things penciled in too). Along with that whirlwind comes a lot of chauffeuring time when I dream about all the festive food creations that I attempt in my mind.

I’m hosting quite a few things at my home over the next few weeks and so I’m narrowing my list to festive foods which don’t require a lot of prep time. Most of us love to have healthier options at parties. It gives us this feeling that we can eat four Christmas cookies, which will then be offset by our one broccoli spear, so why not make those Veggie Platters perfect for your Christmas parties.

Many of you were inspired by the awesome Christmas Tree Cheese tray that we had at my party last year. I shared it as a great Christmas Eve Food idea, so I thought just a few more easy options were in order.  I’ve seen many that are gorgeous, but the assembly time required was excessive. These are the kind of ideas that whip up quickly, do not require an oven, and your guests will thank you for a healthy option.

 love all these fun Christmas Tree Cheese and Veggie Platter idea

 A broccoli and tomato “tree” with pretzel “trunk” and cauliflower “snow” are delicious dippers for a cool and creamy dip.  Yes, Betty Crocker finds us another faithful idea.

 love all these fun Christmas Tree Cheese and Veggie Platter idea Source sent to me. Please let me know the credit due.

Does it get any easier than this? Buy the precut, prewashed veggie assortment bag and you are set to go in minutes.

Good Happy Day

I love fruit trays, and if you are going to go through the work of washing fruit for the guests, then why not admit that this presentation  makes these trays adorable.

Little Wonder’s Day 

Christmas Tree shaped trays can be found in most grocery stores this time of year or at most yard sales in the summer. (Think ahead for next year. ;))

Kitchen Fun

What healthy options do you tend to serve at parties?

I’d love to hear.

Are you being inspired by others in the kitchen this week? I can’t wait to see what you are sharing with us all for Tasty Tuesday Parade of Food. (Link up, link back here in the post or it won’t accept the link, visit others and spread the love.)


  1. Those trees are so festive & cute! What a great way to enjoy fruit & veggie appetizers.


  2. Love your tray ideas. And you’re right, if you’re going to chop up the veggies or fruits anyway, why not make it festive?


  3. Ohhh.. each & every one of these are adorable!! I want to do them ALL… but that defeats the purpose doenst it.. haha.


  4. Thank you so much for hosting! I LOVE the Christmas trees made out of fruit and veggies. I pinned them! 🙂 I linked my chocolate chip cookies. They are a staple in our house this time of year and a BIG hit. 🙂


  5. What a fantastic idea. i love… the broccoli and dip tree, would go down so well at our house. Thanks for the inspiration x


  6. LOL – I was searching Pinterest, too for healthy snacks! Check out the penguin ones – so cute!


  7. Great ideas!


  8. what a fun post full of ideas!


  9. LOVE this idea, great edible to take to a party too!


  10. I just LOVE your cheese tree, so creative!



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