For years, shouts from behind the closet door have been taunting me.

“Please, I want to be your friend again. We used to be besties. I promise, you won’t regret it.”

But alas, I have ignored those quiet pleas and rushed right on by without confrontation.

Once again I hear from my scrapbook storage, “Just open the door. Ruffle through my glorious pages and look at all my stunning designs.You used to love me before you started that silly blog and no longer had time for me.”

And then I remembered what just ten minutes, a bit of leftover scrapbook paper, and items I already had on hand could do for my creative juices and I ran, yes, ran, to release my old friends from their long awaited bondage.

Never again will I snub you this season, nor doubt your use.

I pinkie  promise to give you the full respect someone of your stature deserves.

Yes, with Gina’s more glamorous inspiration, the monochromatic look may quite possibly elevate you to your own shelf on my my transformed DIY hutch, reserved only for my most special friends.  But considering you already have a permanent  place on my kitchen table, who knows where else you’ll end up.

I’ll be using you a bunch more this week, for sure.

 I am a mom who WANTS to “wanna do” crafts with my children during the holidays, but too often, the “wants” never wins.

This Paper Christmas Tree craft has changed my mind. The end result passes all of my crafting criteria.

  • Inexpensive supplies (had nearly everything in my closet)
  • Dramatic results (I don’t have to pretend my daughter made it when she was four)
  • Easy (so very easy)
  • Quick (can make one in about ten minutes)

I know you’ve been wondering How to Make a Paper Christmas Tree, and this is quite possibly one of the easiest Christmas crafts you will conquer with beautiful results.

You will need straight stick pins, scrapbook paper, and a Styrofoam tree foam (and something to adorn the top). For the tree form, I used a 9×4 Styrofoam Green one (the cheapest place I’ve found them is on Amazon,)but watch craft stores for sales and then use coupon. I’ve checked four dollar stores, they are not there). I am going to purchase a few of varying heights for my mantle, since I just love that look.

Once you have your tree form, pull out all that scrapbook paper you’ve purchased but have never used over the years (or buy four sheets for $1). I actually have stacks of pre-cut paper which helps save on the time. My pieces were cut a little less than 1″ x 5″. Honestly, it will depend on the size of your tree and the look you want. Just play around with the first layer. Fold the scrap of paper in half, push the stick pin through and adhere at the bottom. Continue around forming your rows just like you see on my picture.

Once you get to the top, adorn with what ever is on hand. We used gold garland, but honestly, I switched it now to white garland and I have a few crystal stars for a touch I love even better, but again, this is the perfect craft to just use what you have on hand.

You honestly can’t mess this one up. I love that, plus it’s as great a craft for children as it is for the moms.

Gina’s curled paper trees take a bit more “expertise” than mine since you actually curl music sheet paper instead of just folding each piece in half, but they definitely give that polished look, and hers inspired me to dig out all my fancy scrapbook paper. I have a whole pack of silver patterned paper, and I can’t wait to get started with those.

So go have some fun!! You won’t be sorry you set aside this “huge” chunk of time.