October 20, 2017

What’s Your Favorite Cookbook?


One of my family manager goals this summer is for the kids to all master a few recipes. My girls were browsing some of my new cookbooks trying to decide what they wanted to learn and to them, it’s all […]

Breakfast in Bed – Not Just for Special Occasions


Breakfast in bed for birthdays are an annual tradition. The “You Are Special” plate or any number of our personalized plates are dusted off. Candles are lit and typically waffles topped with ice cream, whipped cream and lots of other […]

Healthy Eating Choices – Tasty Tuesday


For the last year, I have vacillated on writing about my weight loss journey throughout the years, but something always stops me. Bottom line, women and weight issues hold a lot of emotional baggage, and there are NO easy answers […]

The Technology Rub with Reality


(Oops – Comments are now open…did NOT mean to have them closed. This was meant to spur an interesting discussion.) I’ve been traveling quite a bit lately and with that has come a sobering realization. My life is completely tied […]

Tasty Tuesday – Sharing Some Bedlam Kitchen Moments


Welcome to Tasty Tuesday’s Parade of Foods – Bedlam Kitchen Moments. We’ve all had them, haven’t we? Think back to that moment in the kitchen where chaos reigned supreme and that recipe creation you were working on either flopped, failed […]

Mother’s Day Extravaganza


Reading the comments from my “When did you learn to cook?” post has been a true privilege. If you haven’t done that and need some motivation in the cooking department, there were some motivating stories. My desire was to summarize […]

When Did you Learn to Cook?


(my sweet daughter making her famous cheesy noodles) Don’t miss the comments on learning to cook…it’s fascinating to see the scope of learning. I just love hearing your heart on this topic. When did you learn to cook? Let’s be […]

Food Presentation – Tasty Tuesday


Food presentation…it’s something I know about, something I’ve studied,  something I appreciate, but something that is often on the low end of my meal making priority list. Seeing these elegant touches reminds me that when I take a few extra […]

What Appliances Do You Use the Most?


Appliance reality check. We have never had a “real” microwave. In fact, I was given our first 3′ by 3′ microwave a few years ago and then only used it to reheat single size portions. Last year, we “upgraded” to […]

Tasty Tuesday – it’s all about you!


Is anyone else cooked or baked out? Between my freezer cooking and then getting ready for our Easter feast – Whew…I want a siesta, but that’s not quite possible. 🙂 I can’t wait to share some of my recipes with […]

Creating Community during Tasty Tuesday


Last weeks Tasty Tuesday experiment was a huge success!! From many of you, I heard from that you received comments and visitors that do not normally occur, so thank you for taking my request to heart and sharing the visit […]

Tasty Tuesday – fun, new twist


Today we’re putting a new twist on Tasty Tuesday, so read the WHOLE post before linking up. 🙂 My sweet, IRL friend, Emily introduced me to this new image linky that I thought I would try for a fun, new […]

Welcome to my new home – Tasty Tuesday


Welcome to Tasty Tuesday and my new “home.” Balancing Beauty and Bedlam still has the same feel and the same goals, but our options will help you in the browsing process. Notice the great little “search” box to the right? […]

Mexican Style Recipes – freezer meals


Last month, I shared my ONE HOUR meal planning experiment. As a work at home, home schooling mom of five, my days sometimes feel like a never ending roller coaster. Thinking of the “What for dinner?” answer leaves me a […]