As I lounged on our deck chair, the soft, subtle wind whipped through my hair while the sun bounced behind the clouds. I closed my eyes and inhaled the delicious aromas that permeated from the grill.

There’s just something about this time of year that I love: perfect weather, schedules winding down, and best of all summer Foods.

Not only does Memorial Day mark a significant day to honor those who have gone before us and given of their life in service, but it also unofficially kicks off the summer season.

Gathering together for Memorial Day BBQ’s are quite the American tradition, and what better way to stir our culinary creativity than with some great summer recipe ideas.

I’ve invited a group of wonderful bloggers to my “place” for a Virtual BBQ potluck hosted by Kraft. This is such a fun group of ladies that I wish we could all hang out in real life, but this is the next best thing. Not only are they bringing one of their favorite summer dishes featuring varying flavors of the Philadelphia Cooking Cream, but you are going to vote on the blue ribbon award winner.

On Wednesday morning, as the host of this fun BBQ, I will be posting pictures and links to these top summer recipes and then I ask your help to vote for one of my friends’ recipes. Make sure you check them all out, and pin them for future potluck ideas because they all look amazing.
Kraft  Philadelphia Cream Cheese is awarding the winning recipe $500 cold hard cash, plus a year’s supply of Philadelphia Cooking Cream.

Have you experimented with Philadelphia Cooking Creme yet? There are so many great flavors, both sweet and savory. I haven’t confirmed this yet, but I do believe the reason I was approached about acting as a host for this Virtual Blogger BBQ is because someone heard me mention that I had eight Philly Cooking Cremes in my refrigerator at one time. Yes, I was singing its praises.

Especially with my new Ten Minute Dinners site launching soon, I have enjoyed trying so many different recipes with it, both hot and cold. I even mixed used the regular cooking creme in my last Strawberry Trifle.

With Summer Potlucks beginning, I’d love to add a few more ideas to my repertoire, especially for my son’s upcoming graduation party.

What are some of your favorite Summer Recipes to take to a Potluck?