November 22, 2017

Buffalo Chicken Dip Recipe (Makes Great Sandwiches too)


Oh my gosh, this is the best appetizer and makes amazing sandwiches too.

Have you ever had those moments when you decide to just have “a bite”, and then too many bites later, you are still standing over that same bowl?

Please tell me I am not alone!

This Buffalo Chicken Dip Recipe is just one of those addicting dips that is hard to walk away from after one bite, and the irony is that I am not a big “Buffalo” flavor lover. In fact, I can’t stand Bleu Cheese, but now this recipe is down to such a science that even those who lean towards my flavor palette will love this as well.

You are more than welcome to stick with an all “ranch dressing” addition, but a bit of Bleu Cheese gives it a great twist if you enjoy it.

By adding more chicken, this makes an amazing gourmet sandwich filling. I often use this Crockpot Buffalo Chicken recipe for the chicken, make it into a dip and then enjoy a few meals out of it.

I love using this duo crock pot (and it’s on sale right now) It’s perfect for serving two appetizers at once and comes in handy so often for lots of recipes! Perfect for bulk cooking.

Below is the basic staple recipe for the Buffalo Chicken Dip, but know that there is flexibility based on preferences. Once you make it, you can adjust it to your perfect liking. (Then I’d love to hear how changed it up.)

Trust me, the people in your life will thank you for this one, but another great option is either my Easy Cheesy Visalia Onion Dip (yes, I make large portions since it goes so fast.)

Whip up this delicious Vadalia Onion Dip in minutes

or my infamous Beer Dip Recipe. 


I don’t even like beer at all, but this recipe is another one of my favorites.

 Buffalo Chicken Dip Recipe



  1. I have never used canned chicken before either but Costco has six big cans for $10 (approx.). For a quick chicken salad to go with garden salad it’s great!


  2. Jean Love says:

    Because I live alone, apps are often my dinner! I feel like Cher in Mermaids : )


    Jen Reply:

    Ha, Jean – I love that. I’m with you. #CherinMermaidloversunite!


  3. Maybe I’m stupid, but does it say when you add in the chicken? I’ve read it a bunch of times and I don’t see it. I’m assuming it gets stirred into the cream cheese with the dressing and hot sauce, is that right?


    Jen Reply:

    Oh please. I need someone to HELP this exhausted lady (ME). 🙂 haha You are SO right. I had it written in there initially, and then I decided to try and make the directions shorter, and hmmm…left out two key things, ( a comma and the word chicken. 😉 Yes, combine, dressings, hot sauce, and chicken. Thank you SO much.


  4. Happy to help! I’m exhausted this morning too (new kitten in the house thinks 2 AM is playtime…) so I thought maybe I just wasn’t seeing it. 🙂

    And I have used canned chicken before and as long as you buy the good stuff it is good. Not quite as good as “natural” chicken but it’ll do in a pinch.

    And I’m with Jean… living alone I get to have whatever I want for dinner and sometimes it’s popcorn or chips and salsa.


  5. I was wondering about when to put in the chicken as well, then I clicked the link to the web post and it was there. Back and fourth once more just to check the steps….. Guess it was a “bedlam” moment!


  6. Excellent Dip— I always use rotisserie chicken. Put it on croissants , makes a tasty treat!!

    I added green olives the last time for a new twist–everyone loved it!!


  7. I have made this multiple times and is without a doubt the BEST recipe ever! Never any leftovers!



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