You know they’re true frugal friends when they agree to a ladies’ night out that begins with a stop at GoodWill. (Now only five ladies came to GW, yet twelve met us for dinner…they don’t know what they’re missing.)
You know they are true frugal friends when they agree to be part of your upcoming vlog showcasing our fabulously frugal finds (without any advanced warning).

You know they’re the BEST EVER frugal friends when they stand by your side even though they KNOW that bedlam follows where ever you go.
(Yes, they agreed to pose for this picture at 11:45pm, after realizing that the car was LOCKED IN  the Good Will parking lot. The gates closed while we were solving the world’s problems over dinner and we had to figure out a grand escape to break out the car. 🙂 )

You know they’re fabulously frugal friends when both show up wearing amazing outfits unsolicited…(and yes, all bought second hand).
You know they are frugal friends when Leah (on the right) made trash to treasure a reality with her spray painted GW bracelet.

What began as a nasty $0.99 tacky, orange, 80’s wooden monstrosity turned into a sleek modern accessory by spray painting it blue first and then taking an antiquing glaze over the top and wiping off the excess. You HAVE to love that kind of frugal friend that can think outside the box.
(Trust me, the dim lighting in the restaurant does not give it justice…it was amazing!)

Do you have any frugal friends that join you in this crazy journey of Living Well…on less?
I am SO glad that I do.
Thanks, ladies…you are a blessing in my life. 🙂