Yes, I am confessing.
For the last two weeks, I have been a couponing geek.
As part of my recovery, I am confessing it and getting it out in the open.
I carry my coupon binder around, and ponder how I can fit one more thing in my pantry/freezer as a result of my triple coupon week at Harris Teeter.
(It goes through tomorrow so get on out there you SE folk).

BUT, the beauty from this bedlam is that I am not alone in this geek squad.
Some of my friends have jumped on the band wagon with me,
and we are slowly starting to convert other unsuspecting prey.
On Tuesdays, a few of us sit around during our home school group, cut coupons, and line up the best deals around town.
It’s a sickness I tell you.
This week we started chuckling out loud when some of the other moms (who don’t coupon) questioned how in the world we could actually sit for two hours and talk about this stuff.
It was pretty funny, and then my epiphany occurred…coupon geek.

So, on behalf of my dear blogless friend, I am going to share the email that I just received.
And since you don’t know her….I think it’s OK that I didn’t get permission first. 🙂
(Love me anyhow, Rebecca).
Isn’t it so fun to have friends with which to share your crazy obsessions?
Everyone needs a few faithful friends like that, and I have found them. 🙂

Hi to My Couponing Divas,
Ok, I can barely stand it, I’m so excited. I’m hoping that coupons are not becoming an idol in my life! :o)
I’m attaching a picture for the groceries that in the end HT will be paying me to buy. For everything purchased, I paid $23.15. I then got catalinas for a $10 gift card and 3 coupons for free milk (valued at $4.69 each – who would pay that much for milk??), which totals future savings of $24.07. Yippeeeee!!!
I did find that on Wednesday morning I was VERY tempted to cut my time with the Lord short just so I could get to HT. I might just be addicted.

OH, it’s good to have girl friends. 🙂