brown necklace

Are you new to my Frugal Fashionista series? Find out how I dress for less with designer outfits for mere pennies on the dollar. Yes, all outfits  from head to toe are less than $15, and did I mention…second hand?)

At some time, I think every one of us have opened our closets, stared at our hanging clothes, rambled through our dressers, and still declared, “I have nothing to wear.”
Our tendency is to think…”I need to shop,”  but a new shirt or pair of pants may not solve the long term problem. Often, I pick up two shirts at a yard sale and still say the same thing.
When that happens, “Houston, we have a problem.” And yes, I know I do. I have so many amazing Frugal Fashionista Clothes that I don’t need any more right now, I just need a complete wardrobe overhaul. That will be a post unto itself on reassessing and reorganizing the necessities.
Due to this issue rising over the last month, I challenged myself to mix and match accessories and clothing pieces that I have never worn together. I knew I had great outfits just waiting to be discovered, if I would only take the time to go through my individual pieces, and shop my own closet. (Of course, I forgot to take pictures, but here’s one Frugal Fashionista outfit from this week’s challenge.)
This outfit was planned completely around this necklace. A few months ago, I picked up this brown, chunky, modern necklace for $1 at a yard sale, but I’ve never worn it. Every time I tried it on, I just felt it was too big. Often with large jewelry, we only stare right at the piece in the mirror and we don’t see the power of the outfit in its entirety. I think this keeps us from branching out and it kept me from enjoying this necklace earlier.  This brown short sleeve “jacket” was just what the necklace needed, and together it was a fun, yet casually classy ensemble.
eddie bauer jeans
It’s amazing what was hiding in my closet when I peeked at the very bottom of my top shelf pile.
This whole outfit was from four different yard sales.

  • Brown jacket – $3
  • White tanks  – $1
  • Eddie Bauer Jeans – $1 (Frugal Fashionista find of the summer since in-style jeans are SO hard to find second hand)
  • Necklace – $1
  • Black, chunky bracelet – $1 Market in Ecuador (and I wish I would have bought 100 of them)
  • Total: $7

eddie bauer jeans $1
And to think this outfit was hiding in my closet and I had never worn it before…
Are you up for the Shop Your Closet challenge this week? Start small and challenge yourself to mix and max just a few new things. Get those creative juices going and see what fabulous fashions are hiding in your very own closet. If you are still bored, learn how to tie scarves, it adds pizazz to an outfit instantaneously.
You know I love shopping at Frugal Fashionista prices, but it definitely doesn’t get any better than FREE!
Have fun and let me know how it goes.
chunky neclace