Rounding the corner at my local Goodwill, I eyed the end cap with a variety of odds and ends. I smirked when I saw something that immediately had my memories rushing to the golden “error” or era of the ’80’s (your choice), where leg warmers were all the rage.

Believe it or not – wearing leg warmers are BACK with a vengeance.

I snagged this brand new pair, still in the packaging, and knew this $3 would be well worth my purchase. When I got to the checkout, my thrifting partner in crime dared to question my “dressing outside my comfort zone” mentality with, “Are you really going to buy those?”

Immediately, I informed her of their new found fashion flare, and decide to rock them myself over my T.J. Maxx leggings and thrifted, leather Bass shoes.

One of my fashion goals this year is to get a little more trendy by adding more statement pieces and unusual accessories. These would definitely apply, yet because they are a subtle gray with adorable buttons on the side, they allow me to step out of my box gradually. 😉

Have I convinced you yet to reconsider?

I’ve been enjoying them with boots, over tights,  jeans and under skirts. We’ve had a mild winter here in NC, but they are perfect to add additional warmth in those frigid climates.

Leg Warmers made from sweaters




So, my Frugal Fashionista recommendation for the week is to buy some leg warmers, knit some leg warmers, or dig up in your parent’s attic to see just how much of a pack rat they are, and then give this new fad a try.

Even brand new, they are an inexpensive accessory that can dress up your thrifted pieces and make a statement.

Seriously, I have had so much fun with them.

Just dare to be different!

Mark Your Calendars!

I’ve had many requests for another Frugal Fashionsta Fashion show (link up party).

Get your frugal fashion posts ready and link up on Feb. 24th. If you don’t have a blog and would like to participate, please email a few pictures of your outfits.

Remember that my requirement to link up is that at least 1-2 of your core wardrobe pieces need to be second hand.