As our family has been slowly acclimating back into our day to day routine after our trip to Guatemala, I realize how tough and challenging parenting can be on SO many levels. I guess I thought that by having a life changing experience, our four oldest children would come back never complaining about food again, or maybe just never complaining…period. 😉
Considering that by the last day of our trip, my one and only (yes, I am VERY fortunate) picky eater, stated that he didn’t want rice, beans and chicken for dinner again, it was then that my dream fantasy quickly shattered. It was amazing while it lasted, for about four, wonderful days.
So yes, my children are back to some semblance of normality. Yes, the picky eater has dabbled at his food (but only once). Yes, I still open the fridge and wonder what to make for dinner at way too late of an hour. (Can I hear an Amen, mothers?) But, one thing is for sure…Hillshire Farm allowed me to have the biggest Win-Win ever, not just for our family, but for an entire village.
See that gorgeous sandwich above? Yes, I actually took that picture. Makes your mouth water, doesn’t it? Well, Hillshire Farm is creating a Win-Win for all of you who love their delicious meats, like that Roast Beef pictured above. In our home, Hillshire Farm has been a family favorite long before I ever started blogging.
Starting on Monday, August 1st, when someone watches the featured “Inner Voice video” (and they are funny – we can all relate with it), on the Hillshire Farm Facebook Page they will get to download a $.55 Off coupon for any Hillshire Farm product. Yes, you know how I love my coupons, and Hillshire Farm coupons are ones I LOOK for, since they don’t come around every day. Then, if they post the offer on their Facebook Newsfeed or share it with friends,  they will upgrade to a $1 off coupon. (I am holding on to that one for a great deal,and hoping for Super Doubles soon.)
It’s a great Win – Win…Hillshire Farm foods, which my kids love and can’t get enough of, and I save a little cold, hard, cash. Once I print my coupon on Monday, I am going to re-create my BLT (squared) with their Mesquite Smoked Turkey Breast, and all these yummy tomatoes I am growing.
What’s your favorite Lunch Meat? I always go for the Smoked Turkey or the Honey Ham?

(And even though Hillshire Farm sponsored this post, I love sharing coupons on products I love and those that I puchase anyhow. That’s my win-win for this post.)