As I type, I have a little confession to make. We have been in Guatemala for the past four days, and I haven’t mentioned that fact either on Facebook fan page or on my blog until now.
Last January, I shared with you my entrée for the Hillshire Farm’s Most Wanted Sandwich competition, and many of you voted. In fact, I am so grateful to thousands of you that voted, enabling my sandwich to win the grand prize. The irony of an American Sandwich competition is that the majority of people around the world can’t even fathom having the opportunity to “create” a sandwich, yet alone the luxury to buy a variety of ingredients for a delicious sandwich.

That creative blessing is not lost on me.

As my husband and I raise our five children, more and more the pull of an “entitlement” mentality creeps into our children’s hearts. They have no clue how fortunate they are to live in a country where their mother has the opportunity to “stockpile” food or cook in bulk. That is just normal for them. I mean really, doesn’t everyone have an “all you can eat” buffet available for dinner?
With that reality in mind, our desire has been for our children to experience a third world culture. I want their eyes to be open to extreme poverty and see it first hand. The grand prize for winning the Hillshire Farm’s contest was not only cash for the winning sandwich, but also the opportunity to choose a non-profit agency for which Hillshire Farm would donate $6500.
Here is what is so neat. My choice was Compassion International; an organization dedicated to releasing children from poverty.   Isn’t it an amazing irony that the winnings from one sandwich will now feed an entire village? Yes, over 200 children will be fed, clothed, and given medical attention for one month thanks to that donation.

Along with donating to Compassion, our family was able to take my cash prize and put it towards a family “missions trip” to work in an orphanage in Guatemala, as well as help a mother of six, who lives here with her children, build a concrete home for her family. As you read this post, this is where four of our five children will be working, alongside my husband and me.
Why do I share this on a Tasty Tuesday link up?
As you browse these recipes and link up our delicious inspiration, please pray for this family in Guatemala, and for children everywhere dealing with the bondage of poverty. Call your children over to the computer and show them the picture of their kitchen down below. Pause for a moment and really look. Be informed, and investigate how your family might help.
I’m seeing it with my own eyes and it still hasn’t sunk in just how blessed we are with our modern conveniences. Daily, I take it for granted, yet I will not miss this opportunity to be reminded of our nations blessed bounty. I am so grateful.

This kitchen puts it all into perspective, doesn’t it?

Thank you again to my wonderful readers for your support and to Hillshire Farms. for this opportunity. I’m sure you didn’t think your winner would take the cash and run…literally to a third world country, but it makes the competition that much more meaningful to our family.

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