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As I shared my Easy Pumpkin Bar Recipe yesterday, decades of memories eating them came flooding back. It’s amazing to me how a special recipe will do that, isn’t it? Not so much that the food is award winning, but the shared meal experience resonates and hosts so many stories around our traditional recipes.

Some of us are very traditional when it comes to our holiday meal plan, while others love to try new things each year. Me? I definitely lean toward the traditional factor, but typically, we try one new recipe each year.

Our table always yields turkey, ham, sweet potato casserole, gourmet mashed potatoes, butter horn rolls (recipe to come),ย  broccoli and cheese casserole, cauliflower (although this year, I will add in my mashed cauliflower recipe for those low carb family members), and a cranberry salad that my precious mother makes just for my one brother…because it’s tradition, I tell ya. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Desserts entail various apple and pumpkin pies with some new creative endeavors thrown in along the way.

Yes, as I type that in fifteen seconds, I would say it’s a completely traditional meal because I didn’t even have to think I know it so well.

Hmmm – as I say that, we may need to spice things up and keep everyone on their toes next week.

Would you share in the comments what your Thanksgiving Menu looks like?

Having some new Thanksgiving Recipe Ideas in one spot would be wonderful.

Are there some favorite recipes that grace your table every year or it’s just not quite Thanksgiving (besides the typical turkey and pumpkin pie)?

Cider Baked Turkey (wonderful for whole turkey or just a turkey breast)

Cider bakedTurkeyBreast BakedTurkey Cider Baked Turkey Breast   Whole Baked Turkey

Gourmet Make Ahead Mashed Potatoes

freezer mashed potatoes2_opt

Easy Pumpkin Bar Recipe with an Easy Cream Cheese Frosting

Pumpkin bars

Are you getting ready for a healthier holiday season? Visit my blogging friends this week as we partner together to bring you a variety of holiday meal time inspiration and healthy holiday recipe ideas.

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Now, I can’t wait to peek in at your Tasty Tuesday inspiration.

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