This is the BEST IN COMFORT FOODS!! Make Ahead Gourmet Mashed Potatoes!!

Make Ahead Freezer Mashed Potatoes (To put in Fridge or Freezer)

Mashed potatoes are one of the easiest comfort foods around. Since potatoes are literally my favorite food in the whole world, I typically mash ten pounds of potatoes ahead of time. Yes, the peeling is a time commitment, but if I’m lucky and hide some of the extras in the freezer, we have some for another meal.
My goal is to eat some, save some for later in the week, and then freeze some, but I won’t lie to you, the seven in our family devours these.
You really can’t mess up mixing of mashed potatoes, especially when you add lots of yummy goodness. This make ahead mashed potato recipe is perfect for all your large group entertaining. It helps take the time consuming prep work out of the event day, and allows you do it to ahead of time.
This photo is art personified to me…a warm, creamy, heaping bowl full of mashed potatoes. But enough about my favorite things, here is a wonderful make ahead recipe for you.:)
This is a great option for large groups since you have the option to make them up to two days ahead or time and just store in the fridge.

(Just to give you a heads up on this recipe. I will give you my basic recipe, and then you can experiment based on your favorite flavors, since I rarely make them identical. There are so many options.

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kitchen aid mixer (2)

I begin the potatoes in my Kitchen Aid to break them down, but if I don’t want any lumps, I finish them with my hand held mixer. (I never claimed to be a neat cook.) 🙂
Once you get the hand of Gourmet style potatoes, begin experimenting. If I make them for my family, I typically try and make them low fat, so instead of using butter and cream cheese, I may only use a little warmed milk (cold will make it gluey) and light sour cream. Yes, I completely eliminate the butter and just season them with french fry seasoning. Add just enough liquid to make a smooth mixture.
My extended family are huge grilled onion fans, so I will saute onions in a little butter, and add that to the mix. Bacon, garlic, green onions/chives are also huge hits.
Whatever you decide , the key is to add them quickly, and do all the mixing before your potatoes get cold.

freezer mashed potatoes

Freezer Directions: Place in freezer bags or alternative freezer dishes.They will freeze well up to six months, but make sure you fill up the bag or dish to avoid leaving additional air space which leads to freezer burn.
Two options for reheating – Thaw and heat in microwave, stirring every few minutes until completely mixed, or thaw and bake in oven for 30 minutes.
Please note that after they are thawed they will look really watering and you will panic. 🙂 This is normal. As you stir during the microwave process, they will come back to their original consistency, which is the same with baking. I did pour out a bit of the water first, but as it reheated, it was perfect by the end and I even then added more sour cream and sprinkled cheese on top.
Wow – how could such an easy recipe take so many words to describe.
Are there any variations that I have left out? How do you all eat your mashed potatoes?