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As I set long term goals for my writing, I would love to know some of your interests in the realm of “food stuff.” (How’s that for professional terminology?)
For instance, if you could read a few food subjects over and over, what would they be? Most of us are drawn to certain books or magazine articles on food; what do the topics typically cover?
Do you lean towards wanting meal planning info, quick and easy recipes, C.O.S.T. Cooking (Cook once, serve twice), gourmet food preparation tips, hospitality and entertaining ideas, frugal food ideas, kitchen tools, practical tips, grocery shopping ideas, cooking with your kids, meals for large groups, dining on a dime?
I know there are many more, but that list should get your ideas flowing a bit.
I would love it if you’d share your interests. Not only will it be interesting for the other readers, but it would help me a TON.
(P.S. If the meal planning, frugal food ideas, couponing etc is something that interests you at all, I have posted the All You Magazine deal again for those of you who had computer issues a few weeks ago. It will be going through tomorrow, and you can read about it on my All You post.)
And now, I can’t wait to be inspired by all that you have cooking in your kitchen.
You are amazing with your creativity.
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Simple Rules for Tasty Tuesday Parade of Foods – If you’re joining in with a recipe link, two simple requests. As always,  please link directly to your recipe post and not your blog URL, so that everyone can find the recipe months from now.
Also, link back here so that everyone can join in the fun. I don’t ask much in order to participate, but many of you are not linking back, and it’s just common courtesy of blog carnivals.