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I offered this magazine deal at the end of August, but many of you missed out, and requested that I post this offer again. Nearly all the details are the same, except I didn’t realize that she can’t take credit cards which caused many of you some issues. I requested that she do something to make it easier and my rep has set up a separate email address just for this deal.  All you need to do is email her with “All You” in the header and she will send you an payment invoice.
During Super Double Coupon week, I often mention cutting coupons from my All You magazine (sold exclusively at Walmart). This is the only magazine I have paid for, and I find it SO worth if for the $30 – $100 worth of coupons every month. The coupons pay for a one year subscription in the first magazine.  Not only are there practical meal planning ideas, recipes and ways to save money, but the high dollar coupons are not typically found in the paper or on-line. Check out the coupons in this month’s issue. I’ve already used the Edy’s Ice Cream, Colgate Toothpaste and Digiorno’s, but click back here to order since it’s a much better deal.
Our great price for All You is 18 months for $20! That’s 18 months for the price of one year (which is what the All You site gives.) (I’ve had a long day of football games and can not do the math right now, but considering it’s sold at Walmart for $2.50/each, that is a substantial savings, and worth every penny.  I estimate the coupon value I receive each month at approximately $30.
There are no shipping and handling or taxes on magazine subscriptions.

Here’s how you can place the order…
Send an email to: with All You Magazine in the header.
Include your name and the address where you would like the magazine shipped.
You will then be contacted by email with an invoice for the $20 so that you can make your payment.

You will receive your first issue in 8-10 weeks.
So many of you have emailed saying it’s one of your favorite money saving magazines and I agree. There’s really nothing else on the market like it.
I know you’ll love it…I can guarantee you’ll be pleased.