Swagbucks Mega Swagbucks Friday

Today is Mega Swagbucks Friday! That means it’s the best day to search on Swagbucks because they often give out higher Swagbucks just for searching! Swagbucks is just a way to search on the internet but they award you “bucks” or points that can go towards free items.
Remember, slow and stead win the race with Swagbucks, and the best way to search is by downloading the Swagbucks Toolbar, so it’s right in front of me.
Remember how my goal was to pay for Christmas? Well, I’m there, and I have slowly started redeeming my gift cards. Since you can only redeem five a month, I’ve been adding them to my Amazon account and now I just need to get shopping.  (Note: we don’t spend a LOT on Christmas, and I still haven’t bought my Vitamix yet, but I have the Amazon gift cards saved, it’s still hard for me to pull the plug on big purchases…anyone else like that?)
If you haven’t heard of this “too good to be true” way of earning free things check out my past posts. I am more convinced now than ever that this is such an easy and amazing way of getting something for nothing, and I am thrilled to know many of you have jumped on the free gifts wagon as well. :) (Only in America…lol.) Now, most of you can save up enough to buy you a few Amazon $5 cards by Christmas, but if you start now, your next Christmas will be a breeze.
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